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लेखी परीक्षेच्या वेळापत्रकातील बदलांविषयी अत्यंत महत्वाचे ( F.Y.B.A. विद्यार्थ्यासाठी )
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कनिष्ठ व वरिष्ठ महाविद्यालयातील जात संवर्गातील विध्यार्थ्यांना शिष्यवृत्ती अर्ज भरणेसाठी मुदतवाढीसंदर्भात अत्यंत महत्वाची सूचना

IQAC : Highlights

About IQAC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

IQAC ensures quality culture as the prime concern for the Higher Education Institutions through institutionalizing and internalizing all the initiatives taken with internal and external support. As per the NAAC guidelines for the creation of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) by Accredited Institution (For Autonomous Colleges) (Revised on 20th February, 2020) College has established IQAC cell on 07/08/2003, which guides the teaching learning process and give suggestions for the smooth functioning of the system. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was set up after first cycle in the year 2003 of NAAC accreditation in order to initiate and monitor plans for quality enhancement and quality sustenance of the institute. Accordingly the IQAC cell has been making untiring effort to motivate and guide faculty members, students, as well as non teaching staff of the institution to achieve quality excellence.

Vision And Mission
Vision :  To be a dynamic and proactive catalyst for fostering a culture of quality, innovation, and excellence in higher education, where the pursuit of knowledge, academic rigor, and holistic development are at the forefront. Our vision is to empower our institution and excel in an ever-evolving global educational landscape, while nurturing a culture of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement." Mission :  Our mission is to proactively facilitate and ensure continuous enhancement of quality, innovation, and excellence in higher education within our institution. To achieve this, we are committed to
  1. Promoting Academic Excellence: We will continually raise academic standards, encourage rigorous academic practices, and support faculty and students in their pursuit of knowledge.
  2. Cultivating a Culture of Innovation: We will foster an environment that encourages creativity, experimentation, and adoption of innovative pedagogical methods and administrative processes.
  3. Nurturing Holistic Development: We will prioritize the holistic development of our students by providing opportunities for personal growth, character development, and a well-rounded education.
  4. Adaptation in a Changing Landscape : We will proactively adapt to evolving global educational landscape by staying updated with emerging trends, technologies, and best practices to ensure our institution remains at the forefront.
  5. Transparency and Accountability: We will uphold a culture of transparency, where information is readily accessible, and decision-making processes are open and accountable to all stakeholders.
  6. Continuous Improvement: We will implement a robust system of self-assessment, feedback, and data-driven decision-making to drive continuous improvement across all aspects of our institution.
  7. Engaging Stakeholders: We will engage with all stakeholders, including faculty, students, staff, and the wider community, to ensure their active participation in achieving our vision. Our mission is a steadfast commitment to fulfill our vision, thereby contributing to creation of a world-class institution of higher education that excels in a dynamic and ever-evolving educational landscape.
IQAC Committee
Prin. Dr. Avinash S. JagtapChairman
Prof. Dr. Yogini R. Mulay Coordinator
Mr. Milind R. Shah (Wagholikar)Management Representative
Mr. Vikas S. Shah (Lengrekar) Management Representative
Mr. Karan Shah (Wagholikar)Industrialist
Mr. Prashant RautIndustrialist
Dr. Ashok B. TambeCommunity Representative
Mr. Dilip R. ShindeCommunity Representative
Prof. Dr. Sachin GadekarJoint Coordinator
Dr. Arun MagarAsst. Coordinator
Mr. Abhinandan B. ShahAdministrative Officer
Dr. Vaishali PatilChairman
Dr, Rahul DhumalMember
Mr. Sandip ChordiyaMember
Dr. Vivek BaleMember
Mr. Sadashiv PuranikChairman
Dr. Vikas KakadeMember
Dr. Nirajan ShahMember
Mr. Krushna KulkarniMember
Mrs. Prajkta KulkarniMember
Dr. Wajid KhanMember
Dr. Sachin KulkarniChairman
Dr. Neeta DhaneMember
Dr. Madhuri PatilMember
Dr. Aparna PawarMember
Dr. DigheMember
Dr. Upendra ChoudhariChairman
Prof. Dr. Ashok KalangeMember
Prof. Dr. Samadhan PatilMember
Dr. Vittal NaleMember
Dr. Devidas BhosaleMember
Dr. Bhagwan MaliChairman
Dr. Chandrakant KambleMember
Dr. Vilas KardileMember
Mrs. Dipali AnpatMember
Dr. Yogesh IndulkarChairman
Dr. Sachin GadekarMember
Mr. Rahul ShahMember
Mr. Mahesh PhuleMember
Dr. Sushil DeshmukhChairman
Mr. Saurabh ChandankarMember
Dr. Seeema NaikMember
Dr. Vijay MohiteMember
SSR Drafting Committee
Prof. Dr. Yogini MulayChairman
Dr. Ajit TelveMember
Prof. Dr. Sachin GadekarMember
Dr. Ramachanra SapkalMember
Prof. Dr. Shashank ManeMember
Dr. Arun MagarMember
Quality Initiatives
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
1AQAR 2021-22Download
2AQAR 2020-21Download
3AQAR 2019-20Download
4AQAR 2018-19Download
5AQAR 2017-18Download
6AQAR 2016-17Download
7SSR 3rd CycleDownload
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
Academic Year : 2022-2023
Academic Year : 2021-2022
5.IQAC-Working-Committee-Meeting- 25-08-2021Download
Academic Year : 2020-2021
Academic Year : 2019-2020
Academic Year : 2018-2019
17.IQAC Working Committee Meeting 10-08-2018Download
Academic Year : 2017-2018
21.IQAC Working Committee Meeting 10-07-2017Download
22.IQAC Working Committee Meeting 07-10-2017Download
23.IQAC Working Committee Meeting 20-12-2017Download
24.IQAC Working Committee Meeting 14-3-2018Download
Annual Report
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
1College Annual Report : 2021-22Download
2College Annual Report : 2020-21Download
Student Information
Sr. No.GraduationDownload
Academic Year : 2017-18
1Student Information : UGDownload
2Student Information : PGDownload
Academic Year : 2018-19
3Student Information : UGDownload
4Student Information : PGDownload
Academic Year : 2019-20
5Student Information : UGDownload
6Student Information : PGDownload
Academic Year : 2020-21
7Student Information : UGDownload
8Student Information : PGDownload
Academic Year : 2021-22
9Student Information : UGDownload
10Student Information : PGDownload
Academic Calendar
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
1Academic Calendar : 2017-18Download
2Academic Calendar : 2018-19Download
3Academic Calendar : 2019-20Download
4Academic Calendar : 2020-21Download
5Academic Calendar : 2021-22Download
6Academic Calendar : 2022-23Download
7Academic Calendar : 2023-24Download
Formats & Notices
Sr. No.TitleDownload
1Maintenance PoliciesDownload
2Student Satisfaction Survey PolicyDownload
3Policy Document Of ResearchDownload
4Research Mobilization PolicyDownload
5Environment PolicyDownload
6Policy For Inclusion Of Students With DisabilitiesDownload
7Waste Management PolicyDownload
8Student Satisfaction Survey PolicyDownload
9IT PolicyDownload
10Reservation PolicyDownload
Sr. No.TitleDownload
1NAAC 3rd Cycle Score Card Download
2NAAC 3rd Cycle CertificateDownload
3NAAC Extension Letter Download
4NAAC 2nd Cycle CertificateDownload
5NAAC 1st Cycle CertificateDownload
62f 12b CertificateDownload
7Autonomous Letter UGCDownload
8Cert- Energy Management System [2022]Download
ISO Certificate
9Educational Cert- Cert- Organizations Management System [2022]Download
10Cert- Green Campus [2022]Download
11Cert -Gender Audit [2022]Download
12Cert - Environmental Management System [2022]Download
13Green Audit [2021]Download
14ISO 9001 2015 CertificateDownload
AISHE Certificate
15AISHE : 2017-2018Download
16AISHE : 2018-2019Download
17AISHE : 2019-2020Download
18AISHE : 2020-2021Download
19AISHE : 2021-2022Download
203rd CycleDownload
212nd CycleDownload
221st CycleDownload
23100% Grant LetterDownload
24Non Government Aided LetterDownload
Paramarsh Scheme
The main objective of the scheme is to enhance the overall quality of the mentee institutions and Mentoring the Non-Accredited Higher Education Institutions to enable them to get accredited. The Scheme will be operationalized through a “Hub & Spoke” (H&S Model) where in the Mentor Institution, called the “hub” is centralized and will have the responsibility of guiding the Mentee institution through the secondary branches, the “spoke” which are the additional services provided to the mentee for self improvement. This allows a centralized control over operational efficiency, resource utilization to attain overall development of the mentee institution. Hub can also be conceived as a pool of experts from multiple resources. External members can also be solicited from the industry and can be used as a resource pool. They can make a ground assessment and can have a clear action plan for mentoring.
Sr. No.TitleDownload
1UGC Permission LetterDownload
3Activities Under ParamarshDownload
Autonomy Minutes
Sr. No.TitleDownload
Governing Council
1.Minutes of the Governing body Meeting: 2nd Sept 2023Download
2.Minutes of The Governing Council Meeting : 28th April 2023Download
3.Minutes of The Governing Council Meeting : 12th March 2022Download
4.Minutes of The Governing Council Meeting : 14th May 2022Download
5.Minutes of The Governing Council Meeting : 12th Nov 2022Download
6.Minutes of The Governing Council Meeting : 5th Nov 2020Download
7.Minutes of The Governing Council Meeting : 25th June 2021Download
8.Minutes of The Governing Body Meeting : 29th Apr 2019Download
9.Minutes of The Governing Body Meeting : 13th Nov 2019Download
Academic Council
1.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 4th Nov 2023Download
2.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 24th April 2023Download
3.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 16th Feb 2022Download
4.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 27th April 2022Download
5.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 20th Oct 2022Download
6.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 15th July 2020Download
7.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 28th May 2021Download
8.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 04th Oct 2019Download
9.Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting : 25th April 2019Download
Finance Committee
1.Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting : 17th Jan 2023Download
2.Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting : 10th Oct 2023Download
3.Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting : 7th Mar 2022Download
4.Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting : 8th Oct 2022Download
5.Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting : 5th Feb 2021Download
6.Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting : 11th Feb 2020Download
7.Financial Council Meeting : 09th April 2019Download
Peer Team Reports