Tuljaram Chaturchand College

Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Baramati.

Autonomous | Religious Minority Institute

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

College With Potential For Excellence (CPE)

Re-Accredited by NAAC 'A+' Grade (CGPA 3.55)

ISO 9001-2015


Star College

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Institutional Values & Best Practices

Best Practices

Best practice No. 1 : Women Empowerment Programmes

  •  To imbibe a sense of awareness and responsibility towards women and the importance of women empowerment.
  • To encourage society to maintain a balance in gender ratio and to save the girl child.
  • To contribute to the eradication of gender inequality and establish equality towards women.
  • To inculcate culture of co-existence.
  • To create free and healthy atmosphere on the campus for girls.

The context :
It is through community services rendered and extension activities undertaken by the college that the students as well as the stakeholders are oriented on various issues. It is the prime function of every educational institution to contribute to the welfare and the betterment of society at large. Unfortunately, even in the second decade of the twenty first century, our society is controlled and dominated by the males. Ours is a male-dominated society in which the females are suppressed and exploited in various ways. Our society even today is deeply rooted in social evils such as caste-system, female foeticide, gender-discrimination, child-marriage, dowry, superstitions, male-domination and many more. Indian women are forced to play secondary and inferior roles throughout their life. We need to work in the direction of eradicating these issues.
The college has been undertaking various activities under women empowerment campaigns with the intention of improving status and dignity of women. Various programmes are arranged on women and their empowerment and personality development, their health & safety.

Evidence of success:
The purpose of Women Empowerment programmes organized in the college is to make the girl- students physically, mentally and emotionally strong and sound. The programmes organized resulted in the following:

Development of courage and confidence of the girl students

  • Sharpening of the hidden strength and competence of the girl students.
  • Creation of awareness on sex education and gender sensitization through programmes.
  • Awareness development on health related issues and their remedies.
  • Awareness on their rights and laws.
  • Training for their self-sefty and security.
  • Making them aware of their talent and potentiality.

Problems encountered and resources required:
Problems being faced and resources required in organizing these activities for development of girls’ personality are as follows:

  • Considering, the strength of the girl-students enrolled in the college, it was difficult to get all girl-students involved in these programmes.
  • Orientation programmes need to be organized to increase their participation and involvement.

Title of the Practice: Fostering Social Awareness

  • To instill a sense of social awareness and responsibility in the students.
  • To engage the students in useful social welfare services.
  • To equip the students with skills, attitude and knowledge to make them socially responsible citizens.
  • To train them to solve social issues.
  • To transform the students into responsible citizens contributing in nation building process.

1) The context :
Social welfare and betterment is one of the aims of the college. It is through the student activities that the social issues and problems like gender inequality, threats to environment, fear of injustice, lack of voting awareness, male dominance, addiction of social networking, lack of a sense of brotherhood & togetherness, superstitions etc. can be solved effectively. It is necessary to give a proper training to the students to undertake special activities in order to contribute to the solution of these problems. Unfortunately today calamities like deforestation, global warming, air, water, noise and soil pollution, drought etc. are disturbing, upsetting and adversely affecting the human life. People today have a very casual approach to these calamities and threats. They therefore, need to be oriented on these calamities and threats. The faculty and college students can contribute significantly to orient society on these issues.

2) The practice:
The college has been undertaking various campaigns and organizing activities to orient society on different calamities and threats with the support of the students.

  • The college arranges various activities to serve the purpose of social orientation on different issues, calamities and threats every year. Significant activities arranged by the college are:
    •  Arranging lectures of Police Departments and others on women safety, security and defence.
    • Campaigning on road safety.
    • Awareness on social issues through rallies and street plays.
    • Active student involvement as social volunteers in various social festivals.
    • Active student involvement in tree plantation in neighboring villages.
    • Celebrating various days on the college campus.

3) Evidence of success:
It is through above mentioned activities, campaigns and programmes that the positive changes took place in students as well as society. It resulted in the enhancement in the number of blood donors. The school children as well as the people in general understood the importance of road safety, organic farming, anti-addiction movement, water conservation etc. People from different walks of life have been oriented and motivated through these activities and campaigns.

4) Problems encountered and resources required:
The problems being faced in undertaking these activities are as follows:

  • It was difficult to involve all the people in these activities.
  • Number of orientation and training programs was very less.
  • It was difficult to get social and moral support.