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प्रथम वर्ष (UG) या अभ्यासक्रमामधील सर्व विध्यार्थ्यांसाठी ऑक्टो. /नोव्हे. २०२३ ऑनलाईन परीक्षा अर्ज भरणेबाबत
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कनिष्ठ व वरिष्ठ महाविद्यालयातील जात संवर्गातील विध्यार्थ्यांना शिष्यवृत्ती अर्ज भरणेसाठी मुदत वाढीसंदर्भात अत्यंत महत्वाची सूचना
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सर्व प्राध्यापक , संशोधक व विध्यार्थ्यांसाठी – The National Archives of India (NAI)

NAAC : Criteria's

Criteria 1 - Curricular Aspect
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
1.1.2Programmes Where Syllabus Revision Was Carried Out
BOS Meetings 2021-22Download
BOS Meetings 2020-21Download
1.3.4Students undertaking field work/projects/Internships/Student projects
Internship Letters & Projects 2021-22Download
Internship Appointment LetterDownload
Student Projects ListDownload
1.4Feedback System
2021-22 – Feedback & Action Taken ReportDownload
2020-21 – Report of Student Feedback on TeacherDownload
2020-21 – Action Taken Report of Student Feedback on TeacherDownload
2020-21 – Report of Feedback on SyllabusDownload
2020-21 – Action Taken Report of Feedback on SyllabusDownload
Criteria 2 - Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
2.1.1Document related to sanction of intake
Courses Permission LetterDownload
2.1.2Seats filled against reserved category
Government LetterDownload
2.2.1Organises special programmes slow and advanced learners
Bridge Course 2021-22Download
Bridge Course 2020-21Download
2.3.2E-Content Development
YouTube Lectures 2021-22Download
Teacher’s E-Content Development 2020-21Download
2.4.2Full Time Teachers with Ph.D Certificates
Details of Teachers Download
2.5.3IT integration and reforms in the examination procedures and processes including Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) has brought considerable improvement in the Examination Management System (EMS) of the Institution
Examination System and ReformsDownload
2.6.1Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes for all Programmes offered
Program OutcomeDownload
Course OutcomeDownload
2.7Student Satisfaction Survey
Student Satisfaction Survey T. C. College 2021-22 Form LinkSurvey Form
Student Satisfaction Survey Report : 2017-18Download
Student Satisfaction Survey Report : 2018-19Download
Student Satisfaction Survey Report : 2019-20Download
Student Satisfaction Survey Report : 2020-21
Student Satisfaction Survey Report : 2021-22Download
Criteria 3 - Research, Innovation and Extensions
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
3.2.2Research Project Letters – 2020-21Download
3.2.3Research Guide and Students
Research Guide Approval Letter & PhD Students Registered Letter 2020-21Download
Research Students 2021-22Download
3.3.2Workshops conducted Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship Dev., Skill Development, IPR
Development and Skill Enhancement activities 2021-22Download
Development and Skill Enhancement activities 2020-21Download
3.4.2Research Guide and Students
Details of Research GuideDownload
3.4.3Research papers per teacher in CARE Journals notified on the UGC website
Research Paper 2021-22Download
3.4.4Books and chapters in edited volumes books published
Books 2021-22Download
Proceedings 2021-22Download
3.7.1Details of collaborative activities Staff and Student
Collaborative Activities 2021-22Download
2020-21 Certificate Course for students – Bahai Academy, PachganiDownload
2020-21 Covid Vaccination Letter and List Niramay Foundation, BaramatiDownload
2020-21 Faculty Development Programme – Bahai Academy, PachganiDownload
Criteria 4 - Infrastructure and Learning Resources
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
4.1.3Class Rooms And Seminar Hall With ICT Enabled Facilities
ICT Enabled Classroom & Seminar HallDownload
Master Time Table 2020-21Download
Master Time Table 2021-22Download
4.3.3Bandwidth of internet connection in the Institution
Internet BillDownload
SMS ServiceDownload
4.4Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure
Annual Maintenance Contract -2021-22Download
Annual Maintenance Contract -2020-21Download
Security, Campus Clean Contract 2021-22Download
Criteria 5 - Student Support and Progression
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
5.1.1Students benefitted by scholarships and freeships provided by the Government
Details of Students 2021-22Download
5.1.2Students benefitted by scholarships and freeships provided by the institution and non-government agencies
Details of Students 2021-22Download
5.1.3Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement activities are organized for improving students’ capabilities
Development and Skill Enhancement Activities : 2020-21Download
5.1.4Guidance coaching for competitive examinations and career counselling
Details of Guidance coaching 2021-22Download
5.2.1Students Placement Letters
Details of Students 2021-22Download who qualified NET SET GATE Comparative exam
Details of Students 2021-22Download
5.4.1Alumni Department Reports
Reports 2021-22Download
Criteria 6 - Governance, Leadership and Management
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
6.2.1The institutional Strategic/ Perspective plan has been clearly articulated and implemented
Strategy Plan & Deployment DocumentDownload
6.2.2The functioning of the various institutional bodies is effective and efficient as visible from the policies, administrative set-up, appointment and service rules, procedures, etc.
Flow Chart of Internal Organization Structure of the InstitutionDownload
6.2.3Implementation of e-governance in areas of operation
Implementation of e-governance in areas of operationDownload
Implementation of e-governance in areas of operations - AdministrationDownload
Implementation of e-governance in areas of operations – FinanceDownload
Implementation of e-governance in areas of operations – Student SupportDownload
Implementation of e-governance in areas of operations – ExaminationDownload
6.3.1The institution has effective welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching staff
Details of welfare measures 2021-22Download
6.3.3Details of professional development / administrative training programmes
Details of professional programmes 2021-22Download
6.4.2Funds Grants received from non-government bodies, individuals and philanthropists
Details of Funds Grants 2021-22Download
6.4.3Institutional strategies for mobilization of funds and the optimal utilization of resources
Details of Institutional strategies 2021-22Download
6.5.2The institution reviews its teaching-learning process, structures and methodologies
Internal Audit 2021-22Download
6.5.3Quality assurance initiatives of the institution include
Regular meeting of the IQACDownload
Collaborative quality initiatives with other institution(s)Download
Participation in NIRFDownload
Any other quality audit recognized by state, national or international agenciesDownload
Criteria 7 - Institutional Values and Best Practices
Sr. No.Title/YearDownload
7.1Activities under Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities
International Women Day : 2020-21Download
International Yoga Day : 2020-21Download
One Day Webinar on Gender Equality : 2020-21Download
Report on World Environment Day : 2020-21Download
Awareness Programme Online Froud Economics Department : 2020-21Download
7.1.1Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity
Report of promotion 2021-22Download
7.1.2The Institution has facilities for alternate sources of energy and energy conservation
Solar PanelDownload
ETP PlantDownload
Bio Gas PlantDownload
Energy AuditDownload
7.1.3Facilities in the institution for the management types of degradable and non-degradable waste
Appreciation Certificate for E-Disposal Facility 2019-20Download
Appreciation Certificate for E-Disposal Facility – 2021-22Download
7.1.6Quality audits on environment and energy undertaken by the institution- 5. Beyond the campus environmental promotional activities
World Environment Day : 2020-21Download
Tree plantation Drive Workshop : 2020-21Download
Evidence 2021-22Download
7.1.8Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment
World Environment Day : 2020-21Download
Geography Day : 2020-21Download
International Womens Day : 2020-21Download
International Yoga Day : 2020-21Download
Hindi Day : 2020-21Download
Wachan Din : 2020-21Download
Evidence 2021-22Download
7.1.9Sensitization of students and employees of the institution to constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens
संविधान दिवस : 2020-21Download
Celebration of Constitution Day : 2020-21Download
National Voter Day Report : 2020-21Download
अल्पसंख्यांक हक्क दिन अहवाल : 2020-21Download
Quiz Competition on World Environment Day : 2020-21Download
Fit India : 2020-21Download
National Webinar Democracy In India Since Independence Political Science : 2020-21Download
One-day training workshop on “Setting of vermicompost unit” Botany : 2020-21Download
Online workshop on EIA and Green Audit : 2020-21Download
Plastic Free Campaign : 2020-21Download
State Level Webinar on the occasion of “National Bird Week” Zoology : 2020-21Download
Workshop on Minority Voices : 2020-21Download
Minorities Day Report : 2020-21Download
कबीर जयंती व प्रेमचंद जयंती अहवाल : 2020-21Download
National Science Day BBA(CA) : 2020-21Download
National Science Day EVS : 2020-21Download
Human Rights Day : 2020-21Download
Shiv Swaraj Diwas Din : 2020-21Download
Evidence 2021-22Download
7.1.11Institution celebrates / organizes national and international commemorative days, events and festivals
Independence and Republic Day ReportDownload
National Librarians DayDownload
Evidence 2021-22Download
7.2Best Practices
Best Practices DocDownload
7.1.6Quality audits on environment and energy
Reports of Quality auditsDownload
7.3.1Highlight the performance of the institution in an area distinct to its priority and thrust
Evidence 2021-22Download