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मार्च / एप्रिल – २०२४ परीक्षा अर्जाबाबत – विनाविलंबशुल्काने दि. ०६/०३/२०२४ सायं. ४ वा. पर्यंत भरण्याची संधी देण्यात आली आहे
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विद्यार्थी शब्दसृजन क्लब आयोजित – ६० सेकंद मराठीत बोला स्पर्धा

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About Vocational

There are always individuals who are looking to break away from traditional courses and careers, and wishing to make their lives in totally different fields. The B.Voc department offers a range of vocational courses that cater to the needs of these students.

Teaching staff for these courses is well-trained and up-to-date on the latest knowledge and skills required by specific industries, and imparts the same to the eager students. The eligibility criterion for these courses is highly inclusive. All that is required is a keenness to learn and an aptitude for the chosen field.