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सुधारित SIAC CET २०२५ लेखी परीक्षेसंदर्भात सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी अत्यंत महत्वाची सूचना
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कनिष्ठ व वरिष्ठ महाविद्यालयातील जात संवर्गातील विद्यार्थ्यांचे सेंट बॅक शिष्यवृत्ती अर्ज (Re-apply) झालेल्या विद्यार्थ्यांनी मुदत वाढीसंदर्भात अत्यंत महत्वाची सूचना
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कनिष्ठ व वरिष्ठ महाविद्यालयातील जात संवर्गातील विध्यार्थ्यांना शिष्यवृत्ती अर्ज भरणेसाठी मुदतवाढीसंदर्भात अत्यंत महत्वाची सूचना
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संस्कृत विषयातील शिष्यवृत्ती – कनिष्ठ महाविद्यालयातील सर्व विध्यार्थ्यांसाठी सूचना

faculty of Arts

About Arts Faculty

Course Structure





English : Department Profile
Prof. Dr. Ajay A. Dhawale , Professor and HOD , Dept. of English

The Department of English was established in 1962, coinciding with the inception of the college in 1962. Late Dr. D. V. Togale, Prof. V. V. Upadhye, and Dr. K. S. Iyer played pivotal roles in establishing an enriching academic atmosphere within the department.The PG centre of the department was established in 1978.

Currently, the department offers undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses and has earned recognition as a research canter by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune in 2021.The research centre of the department has 4 recognized research guides and 11 students have been enrolled for Ph.D. program at the department. The department has a well-equipped language laboratory, which is particularly used for giving lessons in phonetics and spoken English. The English Language and Literary Association (ELLA) has been the best practice of the department; ELLA provides a platform to the students to showcase their linguistic as well as literary talents. The department also offers various certificate courses and add-on courses such as ‘Effective Communication Skills in English and Personality Development’ and ‘Basic English Grammar’ for the students. The alumni of the department have a strong bondage with the department. The alumni offer workshops and seminars to current students, making them aware of the skill requirements for jobs.  The departmental library has about 300 books which have been donated by the alumni and the teachers.

Dr. Sachin Gadekar received a minor research project in 2020-21 from the ICSSR, New Delhi, which sanctioned him a grant Rs.3,05,000 for the project. He also completed a project sanctioned by the BCUD, University of Pune. Dr. Gadekar has also authored two books and presented research papers at international conferences held in Indonesia, Italy, and Bangladesh. He is a recognized research guide of the SPPU, and 4 students are pursuing Ph.D. under his guidance.

Dr. Shashank Mane received a minor research project in 2023-24 by the ICSSR, New Delhi and the amount sanctioned for the project is Rs. 3,95,000. He completed a research project sanctioned by the BCUD, University of Pune in 2009. Dr. Mane is the recipient of the DAAD and Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, which enabled him to study and deliver lectures in Germany. Dr. Mane is a recognized research guide by the SPPU, and 3 students are working on their doctoral research under his guidance presently.

Dr. Ajay Dhawale presented a research paper in an international conference held in England in 2018.

Vision: The Department’s vision is to establish itself as a hub of academic excellence by fostering a culture of teaching and research that promotes and cultivates literary appreciation, language proficiency, and critical thinking.

Mission: The Department’s Mission is to offer advanced, career-oriented graduate, postgraduate and research programs that not only provide professional knowledge and employability skills but also cultivate essential life skills. Additionally, it seeks to instil a vision for community growth and development along with a strong foundation in ethical values.

The Department is committed to providing diverse learning and research opportunities in the following key areas:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Exploring American Literature
  • Harnessing Technology for Language Teaching
  • Studying Modern and Postmodern Literatures
  • Drama Studies
  • Exploring Indian English Literature

To achieve these goals, the Department employs innovative and technology-enhanced teaching methods, embraces interdisciplinary approaches, encourages fieldwork, and promotes project-based learning. This multifaceted approach aims to build a solid foundation in literary sensibilities and language competence among students.

  1. Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  2. Well established language laboratories and ICT classrooms
  3. Departmental library
Sr. No.Name of TeacherQualificationDesignationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1.Dr. Sushil A. DeshmukhM.A., B. Ed. SET, Ph.D.Associate Professor17View Profile
2.Prof. Dr. Ajay A. DhawaleM.A., SET, Ph.D.Professor19--
3.Prof. Dr. Sachin N. GadekarM. A., PGDTE SET, NET, M. Phil., Ph.D.Professor and VP17View Profile
4.Dr. Sunanda S. ShelakeM.A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor04View Profile
5.Mr. Sandesh V. RathodM.A., SET, NET, M. Phil.Assistant Professor09View Profile
6.Mrs. Smita H. GoreM.A., B.Ed., SET, PGDTEAssistant Professor25View Profile
7.Ms. K. S. DeshmukhM.A., SET, M. Phil.Assistant Professor02View Profile
  1. Undergraduate:

F.Y.B.A. Courses:

  • Poetry and Minor Forms of English Literature – I and II
  • Phonology of English – I and II
  • English for Practical Purposes – I and II
  • Basic English Grammar – I and II
  • Effective Communication in English and Personality Development – I and II
  • Writing Skill – I and II
  • Functional English – I and II
  • Gender Studies – I and II
  • Beginning of English Studies in India

S.Y.B.A. Courses:

  • Compulsory English
  • General English – II
  • Special English – I
  • Special English – II

S.Y.B.Sc. Courses:

  • Optional English
  • Technical English

T.Y.B.A. Courses:

  • Compulsory English
  • General English – II
  • Special English – III
  • Special English – IV
  1. Postgraduate:

M.A. – I

  • English Literature from 1550-1798 – I and II
  • English Literature from 1798-2000 – I and II
  • English Language Today – I and II
  • History of English Literature – I and II
  • Literary Criticism and Theory – I and II
    • or Cultural Studies – I and II
  • Research Methodology in English

M.A. – II:

  • Indian English Literature
  • Drama in English
  • English Language and Literature Teaching
  • American Literature

Ph.D. Research : 

Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1Ph. D.20212 yrs32
  1. Basic English Grammar
  2. Effective Communication Skills and Personality Development
  1. Language Laboratory
  2. ICT Classrooms
  3. Departmental Library
  4. E-journals
  • Research Centre details
  • Guideship Details:
Sr. No.Name of GuideSpecializationNo. of Scholars Registered
1Dr. Shashank B. ManeLiterature3
2Dr. Sachin N. GadekarLiterature4
  • Research Projects Sanctioned to Faculty:
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyAmountDurationSanctioned YearStatus
1Dr. Sachin N. GadekarA Poignant and Subtle Study of the Conflict between Material Interest and Moral Idealism in Joseph Conrad’s Selected NovelsBCUD, University of Pune, PuneRs. 50,0002 years2008Completed
Socio-Cultural Representation in the Selected Plays of Post-independence Indian Women Dramatists in EnglishICSSR, New DelhiRs. 3,05,0002 years2021Completed
2Dr. Shashank B. ManeThe Depiction of the Mysterious Characters in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Selected Short StoriesBCUD, University of PuneRs. 50,0002 years2008Completed
Depiction of ‘New Woman’ in Selected Short Stories by Indian Women Writers After IndependenceICSSR, New DelhiRs. 3,95,0001 year2023Ongoing
  • Book Publication:
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1Dr. Sachin GadekarJoseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness: A Critical Study of the Theme, Narrative Technique and CharacterizationPrestige Books International: New Delhi2019
Cultural Memory and Post Colonialism A Study of African and South Asian NovelsEkpyrosis Press: Kalamazoo, MI, USA2022

ACADEMIC CALENDAR : 2023-24 : View

  • Welcome function
  • Poetry Recitation Competition
  • Elocution Competition
  • Enacting a Scene Competition
  • Study tour
  • Seminars
  1. Komal Deshmukh qualified SET and NET
  2. Kiran Katkar qualified SET
  3. Shraddha Jadhav got job in ICICI bank.
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. PRABHANJAN BABURAO MANEM.A.1998Shivaji University, KolhapurProfessor of English
2Mr. MAHADEV DNYANADEV KAREBA2002Government of MaharashtraAssistant Public Prosecutor
3Mr. Sachin Tukaram NanawareBA2002Government of IndiaNotary Officer
4Mr. Bapu Manik SalunkheBA2002Maharashtra PolicePolice Inspector Anti Corruption Bereau
5Mr. Sachin Namdev GadekarMA2004Tuljaram Chaturchand CollegeProfessor and Vice Principal
6Mr. Navanath Subhedar JagtapBA2006Diamond Dhanwantari Distribution Pvt. Ltd.Super Executive
  • Email :
  • Mobile : 9763865556 (Dr. Mane, Head of Dept.)
  • 8669840880 (Dr. Deshmukh, PG Coordinator)
  • Facebook page : Department of English, T.C.College
Marathi : Department Profile
Prof. Dr. Seema Naik-Gosavi Professor and HOD , Dept. of Marathi

Baramati city is blessed and purified by the footprints of grade poets Kavivarya Moropant and Shreedhar Swami. In this holy city Anekant Education Society has started the than named, Baramati  college,  now known as Tuljaram Chaturchand College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

On 23 June 1962, college was started with the auspicious hands of the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Late. Shri. Yashwantrao Chavan. Marathi Department, Was Principal Dr. SubhashChandra Akkole. It was followed by Dr. Dayaram Patil, Mr. Nilkanth Londhe, Mr. Dhananjay Shah and Mr. Prabhakar Ghere, Dr. Ranajna Nemade & Present Head of The Department Marathi Proff. Dr. Seema Naik-Gosavi. The department has great and enriched historical and cultural legacy.

Vision : दृष्टी

१) मराठी भाषा आणि साहित्याची सर्जनशील लेखनासंबंधीची जाणीव विद्यार्थ्यांमध्ये विकसित करणे.
२) विद्यार्थ्यांमध्ये नवनिर्मिती, रोजगाराभिमुख भाषावापराची कौशल्ये विकसित करणे.
३) प्रसारमाध्यमांसाठी लेखनक्षमता विकसित करणे.
४) मराठी भाषा आणि तिच्या बोलींचेसंकलन व संवर्धन करणे.

Mission – ध्येय
१) विद्यार्थ्यांना मराठी भाषा आणि साहित्यसंशोधनास प्रेरित करणे.
२) साहित्याच्या अभ्यासातून विद्यार्थ्यांच्या सूक्ष्म विश्लेषक व चिकित्सक अभ्यास करण्याच्या क्षमतेमध्येवाढ करणे.
३) राष्ट्रउभारणीच्या दृष्टीनेसंवेदनशील, सुसंस्कृत, सामाजिक, सांस्कृतिक आणि राष्ट्रीय मूल्यांचे संवर्धन, पर्यावरण संरक्षण करणारा, सामाजिक भान असणारा एक जबाबदार नागरिक निर्माण करणे.

1. Research Center (All Faculty Members have completed Ph.D. Degree two Faculty Members are Research Guide.)
2. Faculty Book Publication.
3. Academic Administration (Dean, CDC, Vice Principal, Ladies Hostel, YCMOU Coordinator, IQAC Membar).
4. Kojagari Kavya Maihfil.
5. Asmita Bhittipatrak.
6. Two students Of The Department – Gold Medals.

Sr. No.Name of
DesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1.Prof. Dr. Seema Naik- GosaviHoD Dept. of Marathi, Dean Faculty of ArtsM.A., B.Ed., NET, SET, Ph.D.28View Profile
2.Dr. Mukta AmbhereAssociate ProfessorM.A., NET, SET, Ph.D.20View Profile
3.Dr. Nitish P. SawantAssociate ProfessorM.A., NET, Ph.D.04View Profile
4.Dr. Sunil KhamgalAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil. , Ph.D. , SET16View Profile
5.Dr. Rajkumar TaradeAssistant ProfessorM.A., B.Ed, SET, M.PHIL, Ph.D.05View Profile
6.Dr. Chandrashekhar BharatiAssistant ProfessorM.A., B.Ed, NET, Ph.D.10View Profile
  1. Undergraduate
  2. Postgraduate
  3. Ph.D.
Sr.No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.UndergraduateJune 1962till today--
2.PostgraduateJune1970till today--
M.A - I60
M.A –II60
3Ph.D. ResearchJune 2021-2022till today12
  4. Girls Students Personality Development Workshop, Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan, in addition department coordinates Gender & Development course run by women’s study (SPPU)
  • Research Centre Establishment :- Research Centre was started from June 2021-22  8th student doing Ph.D. under guidance of Prof. Dr. Seema Naik – Gosavi.
  • Area of Specialization :- Poetry, Novels, Autobiography, Gramin Sahitya, Dalit Sahitya, Adivasi Sahitya, Women & Gender Studies, Girls Students Personality Development Workshop, Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan, in addition department coordinates Gender & Development course run by women’s study.
  • Guideship details
Sr. No.Name of GuideSpecializationNo. of Scholars Registered
1Prof. Dr. Seema Naik-Gosavipoetry, women & Gender Studies08
2Dr. Sunil khamgalGramin Sahitya-
  • Research projects sanctioned to faculty : –
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of ProjectFundin g AgencyAmountDurationSanctione d YearStatus
1Dr. Ranjana NemadeMarathi Sahityatil Rajkeey KadambariUGC65000/-2011-20132011Completed
2Prof,Dr. Seema Naik-GosaviRajani Parulekaranchya Kavitetil Sanwedanvedanshilteche vegalepanBCUD80000/-2013-20152013Completed
3Dr.Sand ip TapkirShri sant sana nhavi yanche laukik charitra ani wangmay yancha shodha ani parspar anubandhBCUD80000/-2013-20152013Completed
  • Book Publication: – 
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1.Prof. Dr. Seema Naik-Gosaviदलित कवयित्रींची कवितालक्ष्मी बुक पब्लिकेशन ,सोलापूर.2009
इये मराठीचिये नगरीक्रांती प्रकाशन, बारामती1995
सेट-नेट व जे.आर.एफ.परीक्षा मराठी पेपर क्रमांक -3समीक्षा प्रकाशन,नाशिक2014
सेट-नेट व जे.आर.एफ.परीक्षा मराठी पेपर क्रमांक -1समीक्षा प्रकाशन,नाशिक2014
2.Dr. Mukta Rajendra Ambhereआदिवासी साहित्य : कादंबरी आणि स्त्रीShri. Girish Bhandvalkar Paris Publication Saswad, Pune.Nov. 2021
शोध अस्तित्वाचाShri. Girish Bhandvalkar Paris Pblicatiion Sasvad, Pune.Oct. 2022
3.Dr. Sunil khamgalग्रामीण प्रादेशिक कादंबरीतील बोलीभाषाYashodeep Publication, Pune2015

ACADEMIC CALENDAR : 2023-24 : View

  1. Kojagari Kavya Maihfil.
  2. Asmita Bhittipatrak.
  3. Vachan Prerana Din.
  4. Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din.
  5. Marathi Bhasha Samvardhan pandharwada.
  1. COLLABORATION- Department Of Media And Communication Studies, T.C. COllege Baramati. (2022-2023).
  2. MOU- Ragini Foundation, Baramati (2022-2023).

The Department is proud of the following students who got the Gold Medals from the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.

Sr.No.Name of studentsPrize
1Dr. Kranti GosaviGold Medal for B.A. and M.A. (May 2002) Ph.D. 2023
2Poonam SonawaneGold Medal for B.A. (May 2008)
3Sharad MakarMaharashtra rajya sahitya sanskriti mandal- Bhasha Salagar Samiti sadasya
4Girish BhadwalkarPublisher
5Vijay MahadikMPSC- Selected Officer 2023
6Archana SatavAuthor & Rajmata jijau rastriya Gaurav Puraskar 2023
7Ashwini Khardekar-Dixitkartuta wan shikshak puraskar 2023
8Dr. Balasaheb GardiOff. Principal, Rayat Shikshan Sanstheche, Annasaheb Awate College, Manchar. (2023)
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mrs. Ranjana Shrikant NemadeM.A.1984Anekant Education Society, Tujaram Chaturchand College arts, commerce and science, college , BaramatiAssociate Professor
2Mr. Balu Pandurang GardiM.A.1998Ryat Education Institution, Annasaheb Awte College, MancharPra. Principal
3Mrs. Kranti Haresh Gosavi-PaithankarM.A.2001Chandamal Tarachand Bora College Shirur Distt. Pune - 412210Assistant Professor
4Mr. Sunil kashinath KhamgalM.A.2001Anekant Education Society, Tujaram Chaturchand College arts, commerce and science, college , BaramatiAssistant Professor
5Mr. Sharad Dattatray MakarM.A.2002Language Advisory Committee Maharashtra Govt.Language Consultant
6Mrs. Poonam Narayan SonawaneM.A.2010Department of Women Welfare and Child Development Government of Maharashtra.Administrative Supervisor Maharashtra Govt.
Hindi : Department Profile
Dr. Pradeep R. Sarvade Assistant Professor and HOD , Dept. of Hindi

The department of Hindi has two momentous occasions to its credit. The first was when the department was established in 1962, and the next in 1980 when the department began to offer a master’s degree as well.

The well-trained staff under the guidance of Dr. Pradeep Sarvade and a curriculum that is revamped regularly gives students an advantage before they step out into the professional world. The result of this is the spectacular success rate of the department, standing at an admirable 95.83%.

लक्ष्य (Goal) :

  • उच्च शिक्षा द्वारा ज्ञानवृद्धि और मानवीय गुणों का सामाजिक, सांस्कृतिक, धार्मिक, राजनीतिक तथा आर्थिक आदि सभी दृष्टियों से विकास करना।

मिशन (Mission) :

  • उच्च शिक्षा की विभिन्न शाखाओं से छात्रों को ज्ञान प्राप्त कराकर एक सुजान नागरिक निर्माण करना।
  • साहित्य के माध्यम से मानवीय मूल्यों का विकास करना।

उद्देश्य (Objectives) :

  1. छात्रों की सर्जनात्मक शक्ति का विकास करना।
  2. साहित्य की विविध विधाओं के माध्यम से छात्रों का भावात्मक विकास करना।
  3. राष्ट्रीय ऐक्य, सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्व, वैज्ञानिकता आदि मूल्यों के प्रति छात्रों का ध्यान आकर्षित करना।
  4. छात्रों में कम्प्यूटर, वेबसाइट आदि तकनीकी दृष्टि का विकास करना|
  5. छात्रों में भाषिक कौशल का विकास करना।
  1. विभाग में उच्च विद्या विभूषित एवं अनुभवी अध्यापक गण हैं।
  2. विभाग में समृद्ध विभागीय पुस्तकालय हैं।
  3. अनुसंधान केंद्र (रिसर्च सेंटर) है।
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1.Dr. Pradip R. SarvadeAsst.
2.Dr. Sunil B. Bensode Asst.
M.A.,SET,M.Phil,Ph.D.04View Profile
3.Dr. Sandip B. PawarAsst.
M.A., M.Phil,Ph. D., SET, NET.5 View Profile
4.Dr. Bansing B. BhoiAsst.
M.A.,B.Ed.,Tran.Dip., M.Phil.,NET,SET, Ph.D.1.5
  1. Undergraduate
  2. Postgraduate
  3. Ph. D. Research Centre.
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.B.A.19743 Years400
2.M.A.19802 Years120
3.Ph.D.20223 Years22
  1. Translation Course
  2. Anchoring Course
  1. Departmental Library
  2. Research Centre
  3. Two Computer
  • Research Centre Detail: Nil
  • Guide ship Details:
Sr. No.Name of GuideSpecializationNo. of Scholars Registered
1.Dr. Sarvade Pradeep RevappaUpnyas01
2.Dr. Jawale Pratibha AnandraoNatak01
  • Research projects sanctioned to faculty
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyAmountDurationSanctioned YearStatus
1.Dr. Sarvade Pradeep Revappa२० वीं शती के अंतिम दशक के उपन्यासों में चित्रित दलित विमर्शBCUD SPPU, Pune Minor50,000/2012-142014completed
  • Book Publication :
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1.Dr. Sarvade Pradeep Revappa1.सूरजपालचौहान कृत 'नया ब्राम्हण' एक अनुशीलनविनय प्रकाशन, कानपुर2016
2.अम्बेडकरवादी चिंतन और दलित उपन्यासशुभम प्रकाशन, कानपुर2018
2.Dr. Jawale Pratibha Anandraoदलित नारी विषयक साठोत्तरी हिंदी नाटक : एक अनुशीलनअन्नपूर्णा प्रकाशन, कानपुर2017

ACADEMIC CALENDAR : 2023-24 – View

  1. Premchand Jayanti,
  2. Hindi Day
  3. Hindi Sptaha
  4. Study Tour
  5. Women Emportment,
  6. IQAC Youth Festival
  7. Welcome & Sandof Function
  1. Shila Bibe – Set Exam. Qualified
  2. Snehalata Khadke – .Ph.D. Awarded.
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Suresh Changadev SalunkeB.A.1976Shri Bhairvanath Shikshan Madal, Undavadi, Tal - Baramati, Dist - PuneDirector
2Mr. Achut Sadhu ShindeB.A.1992M. S. Kakade College, Someshwar Nagar, Tal - Baramati, Dist - PuneAssociate Professor
3Mr. Gorakh Nivrutti ThoratM.A.1993S.P. COllege, PuneProfessor
4Mr. Nitin Chandrakant DhavadeB.A.1997Phalatan Education Society's Mudhoji College, Phalatan, Dist - SataraProfessor
5Mr. Manohar Appaso JamdadeM.A.2002Sahebrao Shankarrao Dhamdhere Arts & Com. College, Talegaon Dhamdhere, Tal- Shirur, Dist PuneProfessor
6Mr. Nilesh Natha BagavB.A.2007Maharashtra PoliceAsst. Police Inspector


Geography : Department Profile
Dr. Arun S. Magar Assistant Professor and HOD ,Dept. of Geography

The Department of Geography is a dynamic and innovative academic unit committed to advancing Earth sciences through education, research, and community engagement. Founded in 1962, our department boasts a rich history of pushing the boundaries of knowledge in Geography.

We launched the B.A. Geography program in 1963, followed by the introduction of the M.A./M.Sc. Geography program in 2019.In 2023, we established a dedicated research centre in Geography, marking a significant milestone  in  our  pursuit  of  excellence.  Our department’s primary focus has always been the holistic development of our students, achieved through the introduction of  skill  and  employability- oriented courses. Additionally, we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IIRS_ISRO, Dehradun, to facilitate  outreach programs for both our staff and students.

Our department is actively engaged in organizing seminars, workshops, and hands-on training programs covering various aspects of Geography, such as Remote Sensing, GIS, DGPS,  and  Drone  Surveys.  We also take pride in our Nature Club, which extends our activities beyond the college and into rural areas. Moreover, we offer dedicated support for students and staff through our welfare cell and career guidance center, specifically tailored to Geography students.

It’s worth mentioning that many of our alumni have gone  on  to  excel  in various professional fields, occupying prominent positions.

VISION: The Department of Geography envisions a future where geography is a cornerstone of understanding and addressing the pressing challenges of our world. We aspire to be a global leader in geographical research, education, and community engagement, contributing to a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient planet.

MISION: In pursuit of this vision, we are committed to excellence in teaching, research, and community service. We will continue to nurture a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity among our students. Our research will drive positive change, and our engagement with communities will create meaningful impacts.

  1. Qualified and experienced faculty
  2. IIRS-ISRO Outreach Programme
  3. Practical and skill based courses
  4. Fieldwork and study tours
  5. Research Opportunities (Research centre)
  6. Courses of Geospatial Technologies
  7. Community Engagement and Extension Activities (Nature Club)
  8. Students and Staff Welfare Cell
  9. Career Guidance Cell
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1.Dr. Arun S. MagarHead and Associate ProfessorM.A., NET. Ph.D.15 YearsView Profile
2.Dr. Asaram S. JadhavAssociate ProfessorM.A., NET. Ph.D.15 YearsView Profile
3.Mr. Vinayak D. ChavanAssistant ProfessorM.A., SET. NET.05 YearsView Profile
4.Ms. Sayali B. PawarAssistant ProfessorM.A. SET.01 YearView Profile
5.Ms. Ayesha A. MulaniAssistant ProfessorM. A.01 YearView Profile
6.Ms. Aisha S. TamboliAssistant ProfessorM. A.01 YearView Profile
  1. Undergraduate: A. Geography
  2. Postgraduate: A./M.Sc. Geography
  3. Ph.D. Research: Ph. D. in Geography
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.B. A. Geography19623/4 Years--
2.M.A./M.Sc. Geography2019Two Years24
3.Ph. D. in Geography20233-6 Years--
  1. GEO-102-MJM: Practical in Physical Geography
  2. GEO-116-OE: Principles of Remote Sensing-I
  3. GEO-117-OE: Principles of Geoinformatics-I
  4. GEO-121-VSC: Land Surveying & Measurement
  5. GEO-126-SEC: Fundamentals of Google Earth
  6. UAGG 233 Practical in Elements of Map making and Surveying
  7. GEOSPL 3503 Practical in Map Reading and Map Making
  8. GEOSPL 3603 Practical in Statistical Techniques
  9. GEO-503-MJM: Practical in Geomorphology
  10. PAGG 234 Practical In GIS
  11. PAGGSEC01 Advanced Technical in Google Earth
  1. Automatic weather Station
  2. Advanced Surveying Instruments
  3. Research Laboratory
  4. Study Tours and Field Projects
  5. Nature Club to carry our extension activities
  6. Internet access to students
  7. Students Welfare Cell
  8. Parent Teacher Meetings
  9. IIRS-ISRO Courses
  10. Students Grievance and Suggestion Box
  11. Career Guidance Cell


The research centre in  Geography  is  established  in  2023  and  it  is  affiliated to the Savitribai Phule  Pune  University  (SPPU),  Pune.  The  research  centre has well equipped laboratory with Geomorphology and Soil  Science instruments. Research is undertaken in the area of  Geomorphology, Climatology,  Economic  Geography  and  Population  and   Settlement Geography.

  • Guideship Details :
Sr. No.Name of GuideSpecializationNo. of Scholars Registered
1Dr. Arun S. MagarGeomorphology03
2Dr. Asaram S. JadhavPopulation and Settlement Geography02
  • Research projects sanctioned to faculty : NA
  • Book Publication : 
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1.Dr. Arun S. MagarGeography of Maharashtra (Physical)Nirali (Pune)2020
2.Dr. Arun S. MagarEnvironmental GeographyNirali (Pune)2021
3.Dr. Asaram S. JadhavStatistical Techniques for GeographyPritam Publication, Jalgaon2022


  1. Geography Day
  2. Seminars/workshops/hands-on training  programmes
  3. Students and Staffs felicitation on their achievements
  4. Personal guidance to the students
  5. Study tours and community surveys
  6. Remedial Coaching and bridge courses
  7. Extension activities through Nature Club
  8. IIRS-ISRO Outreach programmes
  • Department Activities – 2019-23 – View
  1. Department of Geography had made MoU with the IIRS-ISRO.
Sr. NoStudents NameBatchAchievement Details
1.Vinayak Dadasaheb ChavanBA 2016SET 2019 NET 2019 Assistant Professor at T C College Baramati
2.Rushikesh Bapurao AtoleMA 2019Junior Clerk at Mantralaya
3.Lahu Vithhal RathodMA 2020Research and Evaluation Associate , United Nations Development Programme
4.Aniket Anand SonawaneMA 2022Maharashtra Police
5.Sandeep Vijay BhosaleBA 2016Manager at Meditune Pharma Limited
6.shahaji Anna RandhwanBA 2016Assistant Manager NGO Lighthouse Communities Foundation
7.Nilesh dattatray KalokheBA 2016Medical Relationship Manger D.Y Patil Medical College Pune
8.Rahul ShindeBA 2012SRPF
9.Yogesh KambleBA 2013Maharashtra Police
10.Kranti Ashok MhaskeBA 2013Postal Assistant, Indian Post
11.Aiasha shakil TamboliMA 2023Assistant Professor at T C College Baramati
12.Aysha Akbar MulaniMA 2023Assistant Professor at T C College Baramati
13.Archana Pandurang DhumalMA 2023Assistant Professor at Shardabai Pawar College Malegaon
14.Tejaswini BobadeMA 2022Assistant Professor at Ransing College Kalamb.
15.Shingate Sachin HanmantBA 2016SET 2023 GIS Expert at Bhumi Abhilekh Thane
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Jawahar Laxmanrao ChaudharyBA1985M S Kakade College SomeshwarHead and Professor
2Mr. Rajaram Haribhau ChaoudharBA1889V P College BaramatiHead and Associate professor
3Ms. Kranti Ashok MhaskeBA2013Indian Post Baramati BranchOffice Assistant Division Office
4Mr. Shahaji Anna RandhawanBA2016Lighthouse communities foundationAssistant manager
5Mr. Rushikesh Bapurao AtoleBA2019Maharastra MantralayaJunior Clerk
6Mr. Lahu Vitthal RathodMA2021United Nations Development Programme IndiaResearch and Evaluation Associate
  • Name: Dr. Arun S. Magar (Head), Mobile : 9881989209, Email:
  • Name: Dr. Asaram S. Jadhav (Dept. IQAC Coordinator), Mobile: 7058085930
  • Name: Mr. Vinayak Chavan (PG Coordinator), Mobile: 7387559628
History : Department Profile
Dr. Sandeep S. Tardalkar Assistant Professo of History and HOD , History

Dr. S. S. Tardalkar heads the department of history, guiding students on their journey towards following a passion for history. Established in 1962, the department has seen numerous generations of students pass through its doors.


The pass percentage of the department stands at 89% and it is testimony to the fact that the department has a group of dedicated teachers who work hard to make sure the students receive the best and latest education.

Mission : “At the heart of our Department of History lies an unwavering mission. We are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of historical truth and understanding. Our mission is to foster a deep appreciation for the past, cultivating critical thinking, and nurturing the minds of scholars and students alike. We aim to inspire curiosity, to illuminate the complexities of human history, and to equip generations with the tools to navigate the present and shape the future. Through research, education, and a commitment to preserving the heritage of humanity, we stand as stewards of knowledge, guiding the way for those who seek to unravel the profound tapestry of history.”

Vision: “Our vision for the Department of History is nothing short of transformative. We aspire to be the vanguards of historical exploration, where the past is a boundless source of inspiration and enlightenment. In our vision, the corridors of our department resonate with the echoes of history, inviting scholars, students, and enthusiasts to embark on a timeless journey. We envision a future where the lessons of the past are not confined to textbooks but are alive in every thought, decision, and action. We strive to create an environment where the past fuels innovation, empathy, and a deeper connection to the human experience. Our vision is to be the beacon that guides us through the labyrinth of time, illuminating the path toward a more enlightened and harmonious world.”

  1. Departmental Library
  2. Qualified Staff
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. YrsPhotoBio-Data
1.Dr. Sandeep S. TardalkarHead & Associate ProfessorM.A.SET, Ph.D.26View Profile
2.Dr. Sunildatta S. Lokhande Assistant ProfessorM.A., Ph.D.25View Profile
3.Mr. Digambar T. MohiteAssistant ProfessorM.A., B.ed., SET08View Profile
4.Ms. Shobha B. KanadeAssistant ProfessorM.A., B.ed., SET07View Profile
  1. Undergraduate – B.A.
  2. Postgraduate – M.A.
  3. Ph. D. Research : NA
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.B.A.19623 Year45
2.M.A.19872 Year60


  1. Travel & Tourism
  2. Tourism Management
  3. Food Tourism in India
  1. Computer -03
  2. Table – 04
  3. Chair – 15
  4. Cupboard  – 02
  5. Map – 68


  • Guideship_Details
Sr. No.Name of GuideSpecializationNo. of Scholars Registered
1.Dr. Tardalkar S.S.Social History of Modern IndiaNil


  1. Sculptures from local history
  2. Importance and Scope of history
  3. Bhatkanti syahgirichi aani arnyachi
  4. Study Tour Kharda
  5. Study Tour Pratapgad
  6. My Entrepreneurial Journey
  1. Mahesh Suresh Joshi Vasundra Bhasha, Modi lipi Savardhan and Research Centre Pune 411030.
  1. Sapkal Kiran Shankar – Deputy Education officer
  2. Aavhgade Ganesh – Mumbai Police
  3. Khumbar Dipali Sakharam – Mumbai Police
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Nandkumar S NikamB.A.1981Shirur Education Broadcasting BoardJoin Secretary
2Mr. Shyamrao Malhari GhadgeM.A.1993Vidya PratishthanVice Principal
3Mr. Hanumant Bharat SartapeM.A.2007ACS College Navapur Dist. NandurbarAssistant Professor
4Mr. Amol Balaso SonawaneB.A.2009SSP Pranda Special Court and Barmati DistrictSpecial Public Prosecuter and Lawyer
5Mr. Vishal Ramdas GawadeM.A.2009Giristhan Arts and Commerce College MahabaleshwarAsst.Professor
6Mr. Digambar Tulsidas MohiteM.A.2009Anekant Education SocietyAssistant Professor
  • Name: Dr. Tardalkar S.S. (HoD)  Email – Mob No – 9822492446
  • Name: Mr. Mohite D.T. (P.G. Coordinator) Email – Mob. No – 7350230678
Psychology : Department Profile
Dr. Vijaykumar B. Shinde Assistant Professor and HOD , Dept. of Psychology

In the college Psychology department has started at general level, seems 1972 Department of Psychology started the degree program with specialization. In the academic year 2009-2010 Department has started the post graduate program with clinical psychology as specialization.

Department has associated with Spectrum energizing centre Baramati. Department has various best practices like counselling cell, Ph.D. research centre, student research project scheme internship program of clinical cases. Department has more than 170 psychological test are available like Intelligence, aptitude, personality, adjustment well being etc. In 2019 department has started certificate course in growth and development psychology. Every year department has celebrate Suicide prevention day, world mental health day, Science day   on these days department organized Guest lectures, workshops, Panel discussion, poster exhibition and street play activities. Department has separate counselling cell to provide consultancy service of counselling to the students, teachers non teaching staff and outside stockholders.


“To be a leading canter of excellence in psychology education, research, and practice, committed to advancing our understanding of the human mind and behaviour.”


  • To provide high-quality education and training in psychology, fostering critical thinking and research skills among our students.”
  • To conduct cutting-edge research in various domains of psychology, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field.
  • To promote the well-being and mental health of individuals and communities through evidence-based psychological interventions.”
  • To engage with and serve the community by providing expertise, resources, and support in matters related to psychology.”
  • To uphold ethical standards and diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our endeavours.

Please note that the specific vision and mission of a psychology department will depend on the goals and values of the institution it is part of.

  1. Well Qualified Teaching Staff
  2. Counselling cell
  3. D. Research canter
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1.Dr. Vijaykumar B. Shinde Assistant professor and HeadM.A. SET, PH.D ,Diploma in yog Shikshakak20View Profile
2.Dr. Jyotiram N. AwateAssistant ProfessorM.A. SET, Ph.D.13View Profile
3.Dr. Ganesh M. DhameAssistant professorM.A SET Ph.D.11View Profile
4.Mr. Londhe. D. V.Assistant ProfessorM.A SET11
5.Mr. Dattatray B. KhomaneAssistant professorM.A SET,NET6View Profile
6.Dr. Ramchandra D. JagtapAssistant ProfessorM.A Ph.D.24View Profile
  1. Undergraduate : B.A (Special).
  2. Postgraduate: M.A (Clinical Psychology).
  3. Ph.D. Research Centre.
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.Bachelor of Arts19723 Years24
2.Master of Arts20102 Years24
  1. Growth and Development Psychology
  2. Health & Wellness
  1. Well-equipped laboratory with practical Cubical
  2. More than 150 Psychological tests are available
  3. Departmental library facility
  • Research Centre : Nil
  • Guideship details: 
Sr. No.Name of GuideSpecializationNo. of Scholars Registered
1.Dr. Shinde V.B.Clinical PsychologyNil
  • Research projects sanctioned to faculty  : Nil
  • Book Publication:
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1.Dr.Shinde V.B.Well-being of School teachersLulu Publication, Solapur2023
2.Dr.Shinde V.B.Health Life Style management and YogaA.G.Publishing House,Bhopal,M.P.India2023


ACADEMIC CALENDAR : 2023-24 : View

  1. 10th September suicide prevention day celebration
  2. 10th October Mental health day celebration
  3. 28th February National Science day celebration
  1. Spectrum energizing centre Baramati 2022


    1. Swarup Ahivale Qualified SET Examination
    2. Akash kaniche Qualified Legal Assistant in department of low and judiciary government of Maharashtra
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Ganesh Dhansing KhamgalB.A.2004MITCON Consultancy &Engg Services Ltd.Executive Vice President
2Mr. Jyotiram Namdeo AwateB.A.2007Tuljaram Chaturchand College, BaramatiAssistant Professor in Psychology
3Mr. Swarup Sanjay AhiwaleM.A2011Mudhoji College, Phaltan Dist-SataraAssistant Professor in Psychology
4Mr. Datta Vishwanath LondheM.A2012Tuljaram Chaturchand College, BaramatiAssistant Professor in Psychology
5Mr. Akash Rajeev KanicheBA2018Law and Judiciary Department Government Of MaharashtraLegal Assistant
6Mrs. Smita Bahubali ShahM.A.2020Spectrum FoundationCounselor
Economics : Department Profile
Dr. Samadhan K. Patil Assistant Professor and HOD , Dept. of Economics

Department of economics of T.C. College, Baramati is one of the renown and leading department in western Maharashtra since 1962. Currently, it offers B.A. degree programs at undergraduate level and M.A degree Programs, namely M.A. General Economics at post graduate level.

Its first Post Graduate degree program in economics started in 1972. It obtained affiliation both full time and part time Ph.D. programs in Economics from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune in 2021.

The department grow well to reach standards of excellence in teaching, research. The department of Economics identifies the growing demand for trained manpower in industry, government, research, and other sectors as well as encouraging future researchers and specialists in economics. The diversity of specializations of the departmental faculty has promoted multi-faceted research at the department and has brought a certain depth to the PG courses as well. Every year we get an overwhelming response for master’s from across the state which is the significant in all social sciences within the University.

VISION: Aims to become a nationally recognized Centre of Excellence in economics, allied subjects and management, appeal to the best of students and teachers from various parts of the country.

MISSION:Department of economics is committed to offer academic  programmes in conventional and in emerging fields of research and an interdisciplinary approach. This academic undertaking will be supported by relevant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities inculcating values and social accountability enabling learners make meaningful contribution universally.

  1. One of the oldest Undergraduate (1962) and Postgraduate (1972) Departments under the SPPU
  2. Research Canter
  3. Qualified and Recognized Staff
  4. Rich Tradition of Alumni and Establishment of Alumni Association
  5. Extension Activities
  6. Rich Tradition of Guest Lectures and Organization of National and International Conferences
  7. Study Tours for UG and PG Students
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1.Dr. Samadhan K. Patil Professor & Head of the DepartmentM.A. SET, Ph.D.23View Profile
2.Mr. Sandip B. Sable Assistant ProfessorM.A., SET19View Profile
3.Dr. Chandrakant P. Kamble Associate ProfessorM.A., SET,NET,M.Phil., Ph.D. 14View Profile
4.Dr. Rahul D .DhumalAssociate ProfessorM.A. SET, M.Phil. Ph.D.14View Profile
5.Mr. Krushna V. KulkarniAssistant ProfessorM.A.,SET, NET13View Profile
6.Dr. Jotiram S. GhadageAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil, Ph.D,SETAssistant ProfessorView Profile
7.Mr. Venkat J. WadgaveAssistant ProfessorM.A. B.Ed., M.Phil., SET, NETAssistant ProfessorView Profile
  1. Undergraduate : B.A.
  2. Postgraduate : M.A.
  3. Ph.D. Research etc. : Ph.D.
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
2.M.A. (I & II)197202120
  1. Stock Market Analysis
  2. Banking and Non-Banking Financial Operations
  3. Computer Application
  4. Tourism Management
  1. Research Canter
  2. Department Liberery
  3. SET/NET Guidance

Research centres in economics are crucial hubs for knowledge creation, policy development, and problem-solving in the field of economics. They contribute to informed decision-making, economic stability, and the pursuit of economic well-being for individuals and societies. On this backdrop since 2021 department has got recognition as a research centre by SPPU, Pune. Which is very beneficial to all those students who are interested in research in agriculture economics, international trade, public finance, economic policy, and lobar economics etc. at present around eight students have registered for the Ph.D. in different topics. Research centres will play a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of complex economic phenomena, shaping public policies, and driving innovation in the field of economics. These specialized institutions are dedicated to conducting rigorous research, fostering collaboration, and disseminating knowledge that informs decision-makers, policymakers, and the broader society.

  • Guideship details:
Sr. No.Name of GuideSpecializationNo. of Scholars Registered
1.Dr. Patil S.K.International Economics Agricultural Economics03
2.Prof. C P KamblePublic Finance Agricultural Economics04
3.Dr. Dhumal R.N.Labour Economics EconometricsNil
4.Dr. Kishtey B.S.Public Finance Agricultural EconomicsNil
  • Research projects sanctioned to faculty :
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyAmountDurationSanctioned YearStatus
1.Prof. K. V. KulkarniGrowth of Rural Development in Pune DistrictBCUD, SPPURs. 1,50,000Two Years(2012-14)Completed
2.Prof. K. V. KulkarniAttainment of school children in Gov vs private schoolsUGC-MinorRs. 45,000Two Years(2012-14)Completed
3.Prof. C. P. Kamble“A Study of economic efficiency of farmers in traditional agriculture in Pune District”BCUD, SPPURs. 80,000Two Years(2013-15)Completed
4.Prof. K. V. KulkarniA comparative study of public and private health careBCUD,SPPURs. 2,30,000Two Years(2016-18)Completed
  • Book Publication
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1.Mr. K. V. KulkarniA Comprehensive Guide to IBPS Bank POSakal Publication PuneISBN-978-81-943261-4-4
2.Mr. K. V. KulkarniPSI-STI-ASO Sanyukt Seva Purva Pariksha MargadarashakSakal Publication PuneISBN-978-93-89834-14-7
3.Prof. C.P. KambleMajor Inputs in Indian AgricultureLaxmi Publication SolapurISBN-164-73-26478-18-4


  1. National /International Conference
  2. Workshops
  3. MoU
  4. Lecture Series
  5. Competitive Examination Counselling
  1. MOU with Rotary Club of Baramati
  1. Appointed Faculties in various institutions
  2. Qualified SET/NET Exams
  3. Joined Research Centres
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Baban Bajirao BhapkarMA in Economics1981-82Ex Principal of Vishwasrao Ransing College, Walchandnagar Kalamb, Taluka-Indapur, Dist-PuneEx Principal of Vishwasrao Ransing College, Walchandnagar Kalamb, Taluka-Indapur, Dist-Pune
2Mr. Somnath Vasantrao PatilMA in Economics1997-98Shahebrao Shankarrao Dhamdere College, Talegaon Dhamdere, Taluka-Shirur, Dist-PuneProfessor of Economics and HOD
3Mr. Abaso Hariba ShindeMA in Economics2004-05Modern College PuneAssistant Professor of Economies
4Mr. Pravin Namdeo BankarMA in Economics2007-08Service in Bombay High Court Branch - AurangabadSenior Clark In Aurangabad High Court
5Mr. Rupeshkumar Rajendra BhagwatMA in Economics2008-09Police Sub Inspector, Mumabi CityPolice Sub Inspector, Mumabi City
6Mr. Satish Daulat SonawaneMA in Economics2011-12Nivrutti Babaji Navale college of commerce and Science, LonavalaAssistant Professor of Economics
  • HOD :  Dr. Samadhan K. Patil
  • Email:
  • Mo.No: 9921383493/8329981700


  • P.G. Coordinator :  Dr. Chandrakant P. Kamble
  • Email :
  • Mo. No. 9405559884/8329147064
Political Science : Department Profile
Dr. Hanumant V. Phatak Assistant Professor and HOD , Dept. of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was established with the college in 1962. A political science department in our academic institution typically encompasses a broad range of studies related to government, politics, public policy. Political science departments offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs such as Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Master of Arts (M.A.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Political Science.

The department is usually staffed with lecturers who specialize in various subfields of political science, such as comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public administration, public policy, political economy, and more. Faculty members often conduct research, publish scholarly articles/books, and contribute to the academic discourse in their respective areas of expertise. The curriculum includes a diverse range of courses covering topics like political theory, government structures, international politics, policy analysis, political behaviour, research methods, and regional studies. Students may have the opportunity to delve into specialized areas based on their interests and career goals. Political science departments often emphasize research and encourage faculty and students to engage in scholarly inquiry. The extracurricular activities provide students with opportunities to engage in discussions, debates, and simulations related to politics. Political science departments may host conferences, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures featuring prominent scholars, policymakers, and experts in the field. political science departments encourage students to participate in exchange programs.Departments often provide career advising, job fairs, and resources to help students transition into careers in government, public service, diplomacy, research, advocacy, consulting, law, journalism, and various other fields.


Under the guidance of Dr. Hanumant V. Phatak, the department of politics has helped steer the career paths of many students who are strong aspirants of political science. The department was established in 1962 and has seen a success rate of 90% over the course of these decades. Dedicated and committed teachers help impart the latest and the best knowledge to the students. The department has a well-stocked library that caters to the educational needs of the students.

The Department of Political Science aspires to be a global leader in the pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of critical thinking in the realm of political science. Our vision is to foster a vibrant academic community that engages with the complex and ever-evolving dynamics of politics, governance, and society. We aim to empower our students, faculty, and the broader society to make informed decisions, challenge conventional wisdom, and contribute to a more just and equitable world.


The mission of the Department of Political Science is to provide high-quality education, research, and public engagement opportunities that cultivate an in-depth understanding of political systems, ideologies, and the impact of government policies on societies.

  1. Faculty Expertise: The department may have a diverse faculty with expertise in various subfields of political science, such as international relations, comparative politics, political theory, and public policy.
  2. Research Opportunities: Many political science departments offer research opportunities for students, allowing them to work with faculty or engage in independent research projects.
  3. Academic Programs: These could include undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as specific concentrations or majors related to political science.
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1Dr. Hanumant V. Phatak HoD and Associate ProfessorM.A.SET.,PhD.14 View Profile
2Mr. Raju D. PandeAssistant ProfessorM.A.M.Phil.,SET.9 View Profile
3Dr. Kailas B. ManteAssistant ProfessorM.A.,M.Phil,SET,Ph.D.8 View Profile
4Mrs. Priya B. KakadeAssistant ProfessorM.A.10 MonthView Profile
  1. Undergraduate
  2. Postgraduate
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.BA19624 Years45
2.MA19822 Years60
  1. Human Rights
  2. Political Journalism
  • Department Library
  • Competitive Examination Guidance Centre
  • Research guidance
  • Constitution awareness
  • Research Centre details: NIL
Sr. No.Name of GuideSpecializationNo. of Scholars Registered
1Dr. Hanumant PhatakPOLITICAL SCIENCE04
  • Guideship details:
  • Research projects sanctioned to faculty:- NIL
  • Book Publication:
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of Edited BookName and Place PublisherYear
1Dr.H.V.PhatakModern Thinking in IndiaVanya Publication ,Kanpur2022
2Dr.H.V.PhatakRole of Chhatrapati Rajarshi Sahu Maharaj in nation BuildingAruna Publication,Latur2022
3Dr.H.V.PhatakLeadership and Politics in MaharashtraVidhan Publication,amravati2021
4Dr.H.V.PhatakPolitics of MaharashtraVidhan Publication,amravati2022
5Dr.H.V.PhatakModern MaharashtraVidhan Publication,amravati2022


  • Competitive Examination Guidance Centre
  • New Voter Registration Campaign
  • Social Science Lecture series
  • National Voter’s Day
  • World Human Rights Day
  • National Minority Day
  1. Dept. Of Political Science,Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada, Aurangabad.
  • 7 Student Qualifying NET exam
  • 5 Student Qualifying SET exam
  • One student of the department has been selected as a detailer.
  • Many students have been selected in the department in direct service and police recruitment.
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Dattatry chandrakant WabaleM.A.1996Shahebrao Dhamdhare College, Talegaao DhamdhareProfessor
2Mr. Avinash Subhash AtoleB.A.2011T C COLLEGE BARAMATIDirecter, Godubabbu Derari, Ravangav
3Mr. Abhjita vilas KambleMA2020Maharashtra PolicePolice Constable
4Mr. Tushar Bhausaheb AtoleM.A.2020Sambhav FoundationAssistant Center Head
5Mr. Satyajeet Tanaji RanavareM.A.2021New LokamtJouranalist
6Mr. Tushar Anil JagatapM.A.2021Vidya Pratishthan college, BaramatiAssistant Professor
  • Name : Dr. Hanumant Phatak (HoD)
  • Mo. No :  7030004488
  • Email Id :
  • Name : Mr. Raju Pande (P.G.Coordinator)
  • Mo. No : 9403598416
  • Email Id :
Defence and Strategic Studies : Department Profile
Dr. Devidas V. Bhosale Assistant Professor and Head , Dept. of Defence and Strategic Studies

1.1 Scope and Importance of the Subject: The Subject have multidisciplinary approach and the syllabus encompasses all aspects of history, international relations, global politics, and contemporary issues of National and international security. The discipline exposes the individuals to an in-depth analysis of contemporary events and issues in this multilateral unpredictable world.

This provides the broad field within which nations of states and non-state factors interact. an attempt is made to provide for both of theoretical understanding of how and why Nations behave as they do and a historical survey of the major trends in world affairs it also includes and understanding of Military Thinkers, Defence mechanism of India, India’s internal security, Military Geography, Geopolitics, Chatrapati Shivaji’s Military System, International and Regional Organization, Defence Economics, India’s National security, Contemporary Warfare etc.

1.2. Introduction to Department: The department was established in 1974 as military studies at general level. In 1982 the subject got extended to special level. DDSS offers B.A. in Defence and Strategic Studies. In 1984 the department was renamed as ‘Department of Defence and Strategic Studies’. Since then, it has striven to impart superlative knowledge to students who are intent on pursuing a career in the defence stream. Department has seen a success rate of 90%. That this can be attributed to the well-trained teaching staff as well as an updated curriculum along with dedicated students goes without saying. DDSS has been building up institutional knowledge about various aspects of India’s national security. At DDSS, we acknowledge the changing nature of security and various developments at national and international level. We use interdisciplinary approach to understand various areas of discipline. We give major thrust on military geography, strategic studies, international organization, international relations, military history, defence organization and technology.

1.3. Establishment of the Department: The department was established in 1974 as military studies at general level. In 1982 the subjects got extended to special level. In 1984 the department was renamed as the department of Defence and strategic studies, currently total 10 subjects are taught like Military Thinkers, Defence mechanism of India, India’s internal security, Military Geography, Geopolitics, Chatrapati Shivaji’s Military System, International and Regional Organization, Defence Economics, India’s National security, Contemporary Warfare etc. in the department from FYBA to TYBA. As the college has autonomous status, Annual pattern is based on Tuljaram Chaturchand College and the syllabus of the department is prepared by the departmental BOS. 422 colleges are affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University and five colleges teach Defence and Strategic Studies among them. Department of Defence and Strategic Studies Tuljaram Chaturchand College of Arts, Science and Commerce is one of them.

1.4 Best Practices: The Department of Defence and Strategic Studies has launched two Best Practices in 2019-20. The purpose behind this is to cultivate reading culture and increase the knowledge of students in the field of defence and national security as well as to create interest in the subject among the students.

1) Explore Library Test: Today, due to the increasing use of social media, the culture of reading is becoming extinct. So, students’ needs to be motivated to read. The department has introduced Explore Library Test to enhance reading culture among students. In this we appeal to the students to read books on the subject and at the end of the year the first three students who will read more books will be felicitated by the department.

2) Notice Board Readings: Articles in various newspapers are posted on the notice boards of the department for the purpose of keeping the students informed about the world developments in the subject. This will increase the student’s interest in reading and increase their interest in the subject. And this knowledge will also benefit them in various competitive exams.


The vision and mission of a Defence and Strategic Studies Course are typically designed. to provide a clear sense of purpose, direction, and goals for the program.

Vision: To be a recognized canter of excellence in Defence and Strategic Studies, shaping leaders and scholars who contribute to the advancement of national security, international peace, and related areas.


  • Educational Excellence: To offer a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that integrates theory, practice, and interdisciplinary perspectives, empowering students with a deep understanding of Defence and strategic studies.
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis: To cultivate critical thinking, analytical skills, and strategic acumen, enabling students to assess complex security challenges and develop innovative solutions.
  • Ethical Leadership and Responsibility: To instil a strong sense of ethical conduct, integrity, and a commitment to upholding international humanitarian law and the principles of just warfare among our students.
  • Community Engagement and Outreach: To actively engage with the broader
  • community, including various agencies, think tanks, NGOs, and the public, though. events, seminars, and collaborative initiatives.
  • Continual Adaptation and Innovation: To stay at the forefront of the evolving field of Defence and strategic studies, continuously updating the curriculum to address emerging security threats and challenges.
  • Preparation for Leadership Roles: To prepare graduates for leadership positions in the fields of national security, Defence policy, international relations, diplomacy, and related areas.



Defence and Strategic Studies programs typically cover a range of topics related to national security, military strategy, international relations, and Defence policy. The key feature of this program includes:

  1. Interdisciplinary Approach: Defence and Strategic Studies courses often adopt an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from fields such as political science, international. relations, history, economics, sociology, and military science.
  2. Historical Context: Understanding the historical context of conflicts, wars, and strategic decisions is crucial. This may include studying past military campaigns, diplomatic efforts, and geopolitical shifts.
  3. National Security Policy: Analysing and critiquing national security policies, including their formulation, implementation, and the role of various stakeholders like the military, intelligence agencies, and political leaders.
  4. Strategic Thinking and Analysis: Developing skills in strategic thinking, critical analysis, and decision-making. This involves examining different approaches to conflict. resolution and assessing their effectiveness.
  5. International Relations and Geopolitics: Examining the dynamics of international relations, including alliances, conflicts, and the role of major powers in shaping global security.
  6. Military Strategy and Tactics: Studying the principles of military strategy, including the use of force, deployment of troops, logistics, and the integration of technology in warfare.
  7. Terrorism and Asymmetric Warfare: Analysing modern security threats such as terrorism, insurgency, and cyber warfare. This may include discussions on counter-terrorism strategies and the evolving nature of conflict.
  8. Nuclear Strategy and Non-Proliferation: Understanding the complexities of nuclear deterrence, arms control agreements, and the challenges of non-proliferation efforts.
  9. Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution: Learning about strategies for crisis management, conflict prevention, and resolution through diplomatic means.
  10. Guest Lectures and Industry Experts: Inviting guest speakers from the Defence and strategic studies community, including military officials, diplomats, policymakers, and scholars.
  11. Research and Thesis Component: Encouraging students to conduct independent research on a specific topic within the field, culminating in a thesis or research project.
  12. Site Visits and Field Trips: Providing opportunities for students to visit relevant institutions, military installations, or attend conferences and seminars related to Defence and strategic studies.
Sr. No.Name of the StaffDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1Dr. Devidas V. BhosaleHead & Assistant ProfessorM.A, NET, Ph.D.05View Profile
2Mr. Ramkishan S. AwadAssistant ProfessorM.A, B.Ed., SET, NET, Ph.D. (Pursuing)08View Profile
3Mr. Amol P. LokhandeAssistant ProfessorM.A, SET, NET, Ph.D. (Pursuing)04View Profile
4Mr. Aniket P. DamaleAssistant ProfessorM.A, SET00View Profile
  • Undergraduate : 
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
  1. Industrial Security
  2. Road Safety
  3. strategic leadership Development in defence studies
  1. Computer -02
  2. Table – 06
  3. Chair – 12
  4. Capat – 02
  • Guideship details: NA
  • Research projects sanctioned to faculty : NA
  • Book Publication:
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1Devidas Vijay BhosaleObjective Questions in Defence and Strategic StudiesSelf-Published2018
2संरक्षण आणि सामरिक शास्त्र: वेध स्पर्धा परीक्षांचास्वरांजली पब्लिकेशन गाझियाबाद2020
3२१ व्या शतकातील जागतिक सुरक्षा आव्हानेस्वरांजली पब्लिकेशन गाझियाबाद (U.P)2021
4हवामान बदल एक जागतिक पर्यावरणीय समस्या संघटना धोरण आणि अंमलबाजवणीस्वरांजली पब्लिकेशन गाझियाबाद (U.P)2021
5समकालीन जागतिक सुरक्षेची आव्हाने: धोरण आणि रणनीतीस्वरांजली पब्लिकेशन गाझियाबाद (U.P)2021
6Valiant Indian Warrior, Philosophies, Approaches and VictoriesBharti Publication, New Delhi2021
7National and Global Security ChallengesBharti Publication, New Delhi2021
8India’s Foreign Policy Internal Security and Climate Change Challenges and the Way ForwardBharti Publication, New Delhi2021
9वैश्विक सुरक्षा चुनौतियां रणनीति और दृष्टिकोणभारती प्रकाशन नई दिल्ली2021
10भारतीय योध्दा योगदान युध्दनिती एवं सामरिक विचारभारती प्रकाशन नई दिल्ली2021
11२१वि सदीमें महिला सशक्तीकरण रणनीतियाँ एवं चुनौतियाँभारती प्रकाशन नई दिल्ली2021
1275 years of Indian Independence and Changing Nature of National SecurityBharti Publication, New Delhi2022
13Human SecurityBharti Publication, New Delhi2022
14India’s Role in SAARC: India’s Neighborhood PolicyBig Book Distributor, Noida2022
15India and Indian Ocean RegionBig Book Distributor, Noida2022
Sr. No.MonthDateActivity
1June :202315College Reopen
2July :20233Guru Pornima
22 To 28Bridge Course for UG Department
26Kargil Vijay Diwas
3August:20234First Internal test
12Youth Day
12Welcome Function for Students
4September:20235Teacher Day
8-15Industrial Security Certificate Course under MoU
5October :20238BoS Meeting
6November :202311Guest Lecture Under ED Cell
7December :20234Navy Day
20Remedial Course
25Christmas Day
8January:202415Army Day
22Programme for Advanced learner
9February:202428National Science Day
28Quiz Competition on Waste Management
10March:20248Poster Presentation on Gender Equality
8-15Road Safety Certificate Course
26Alumni Meet
11April:20244BoS meeting
10Farewell Function
  • Kargil Day
  • Army Day

Center for Human Security studies Hyderabad

  1. Ramesh Giramkar Participated at National level in Baseball
  2. Pooja Kare Participated at National level in Baseball
  3. Prathmesh Gaikwad Participated at National level in Netball
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Adinath Vishwanath LondheB.A.2003M. S. Kakade College, SomeshwarnagarAsst. Professor and HOD, Deptt. Of Defence and Strategic Studies
2Mr. Nitin Vinayak KhomaneB.A.2003T.C.College , (junior College Teacher) BaramatiTeacher
3Mr. Abhimanyu Gorakh KhalateB.A.2017Baramati Agro Dairy, PimpaliBack office
4Mr. Suraj Gajanan ChavanBA2019Baramati courtAdvocate
5Mr. Ganesh Balaso GadhaveB.A.2019Dahiwadi College, Dahiwadi Tal Man Dist SataraAssistant Professor
6Mr. Vishal Vitthal WabaleB.A.2020Reliance SMSL LimitedManager

E-mail ID & Mobile : Dr. Devidas Vijay Bhosale (HoD):, Mob. No.- 9921701037

E-mail ID & Mobile : Mr. A. lokhande : Mob. No.- 8668861971

Sociology : Department Profile
Mr. Vinayak S. Lashkar Assistant Professor and HOD , Dept. of Sociology

The department of sociology is established in the June 1974. Prof. S.P. Kadam was founder member of the department and he headed the department from June 1974 to 1999.Afterword Prof. Padmaja Kelkar-Prabhune took over the charge from 30th December 1999 to 2015.Then Mr. Vinayak S. Lashkar took over the charge as an Assistant Professor and Head from July 2015 to till date.

Along with the full time faculty Mr. Nitin Chavan has been working as an Assistant Professor on C.H.B basis from 19th July 2010 to till date. On the time of establishment the subject is thought as on general level and later on the special level subject was started 1982 onwards.

Scope of the Subject:

Sociology studies human interaction it seeks to explains how societies to emerge? How and why societies persist? How and why societies change? Sociology improves our understanding of society and increases the power of social action. Sociological knowledge is necessary for understanding and planning of society.


The Department of Sociology aspires to continue and to further enhance, our presence within the College, the discipline, and local and global communities.  By developing and providing a curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant to a variety of social settings and issues, we hope to attract more of the best and brightest students as we prepare them for their future careers and lives as responsible citizens.  We will continue to encourage the pursuit of scholarship and service activities by our faculty, both in local and national contexts.  We will strive to maintain a vibrant and inclusive environment where faculty, staff, and students are respected and where their contributions are fairly recognized.


The mission of the Department of Sociology is to promote scientific understandings of social life through teaching. Through providing rigorous training in disciplinary methods and theories, coupled with a diversity of substantive concentrations and educational experiences, we develop robust sociological imaginations and critical thinking in our students.  By encouraging and supporting scholarly research and activities by our faculty, we further the development of sociological knowledge and its application to important social issues.  Through a variety of service activities at the local, regional and national levels, we model for our students and others the importance of responsible community engagement.

  1. Sociology students are encouraged to participate in the Workshop, Seminar and Field Work. Though it is not mandatory, Workshop, Seminar and Field Work provide an excellent way to explore the real world of sociology outside of the classroom.
  2. Thematic areas of studies include crime and deviance, social inequality, Socialization and interaction, globalization, and social change.
  3. The Department of Sociology is to promote the professional, intellectual, and personal growth of our student members.
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1Mr. Vinayak S. LashkarAssistant Professor & HeadM.A, SET,NET, M.Phil., Ph.D (Pursuing)1) Research – 8 Yrs
2) Teaching- 7 Yrs, 2 Months
View Profile
2Mr. Nitin R. ChavanAssistant ProfessorM.A, B.ed. , SETTeaching – 13 YearsView Profile
  1. Undergraduate – Bachelor in Arts.
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.Bachelor in Arts19744 Years35
  1. Basics in Social Research
  1. Departmental Library
  2. Computer with Internet
  • Research Centre
  • Guideship details: NA
  • Research projects sanctioned to faculty :NA
  • Book Publication:
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1.Vinayak LashkarWadar Samaj: Samajshastriya AbhyasHARITI Publication, Pune. ISBN No: 978-81-926483-3-0.2015
2.Vinayak LashkarVimuktanche SwatantryaParivartanacha Vatsaru, Pune, ISBN No.: 978-93-5291-986-4.2018


ACADEMIC CALENDAR : 2023-24 – View

  1. IQAC Youth Festival
  2. Workshop on Mental Health
  3. Workshop on Constitution Awareness
  4. Entrepreneur Development Workshop
  5. International Human Rights Day
  6. World Population Day

Tuljaram Chaturchand College of Arts, Science and Commerce and JATAN Foundation recognize the value of mutual cooperation and are desirous of entering into this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate collaboration between the two institutes for academic, research and cultural activities including student mobility activities.

  1. Participated in Avishkar
  2. Participated in Workshop at SPPU, Pune
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Rahul M MoreB.A. Sociology1986Women and Child Development, Government of MaharashtraDeputy Commissioner
2Mr. Dattatray Vitthak MalshikareB.A.Sociology1986Someshwar Cooperative Sugar Factory, BaramatitiWelfare Officer
3Mr. Rajendra Baburao SonawaneB.A.Sociology1991Baramati Nagar Parishad, BaramatiSanatory Inspector
4Mr. Nitin Rajaram ChavanB.A. Sociology2004Tuljaram Chaturchand College, BaramatiAssistant Professor
5Mr. Deepak Bapurao SarodeB.A. Sociology2014Mentor Together, PuneJunior Manager
6Mr. Omkar Shivaji ToraneB.A. Sociology2020Jagruti Rehabilitation Center, Navi MumbaiCounsellor / Psychiatric Social Worker
Library Science : Department Profile
Mr. Deepak V. Munguskar Assistant Professor and HOD , Dept. of Library & Information Science

Department of Library and Information Science (LIS), Tuljaram Chaturchand College Baramati Autonomous  is one of the oldest department of the Savitribai Phule Pune University  imparting and supporting value based education in the area of the Library and Information Science.

Department was established in the year of 1990 with a vision to promote excellence in the field of Library Science education and to fulfil the ever increasing demand of quality professionals in the area of Library and Information Science.

The Department of Library and Information Science T.C. College , Baramati has started one year degree course in the name “Bachelor of Library and Information Science” from 1990-1991 and  ‘Masters of Library and Information Science” from 2009-2010. To meet the needs of today’s information society, curriculum is constantly adapted according to changing modern ICT based environmental developments at global level. We continue modify our curriculum and preparing next generation workforce with theories, practical and research based approach.

The department is well known for imparting quality education and also in nurturing students for holistic development. All our initiatives are a living proof of our commitment to every student’s success in his career.

Vision :It is the goal of the Library and Information Science Program to prepare graduates to serve in public, academic, corporate or specialized libraries, and archives, as well as in business or corporate settings where the effective management of information is crucial.

  1. Enables students to facilitate effective Data-Information-Knowledge transfer, utilizing appropriate technology-based solutions to accomplish the organization, storage and retrieval of data and information in the creation of knowledge
  2. Prepares graduates to effectively serve a diversity of consumers of information
  3. Trains students to be reflective practitioners and critical consumers of research
  4. Provides the skills that graduates will need to adapt to and effectively manage change in community and global setting

In stills in LIS graduates an understanding of and commitment to the high ethical standards of the Library and Information Science profession.

Mission:In an information society, information professionals need skills and knowledge to assume roles of leadership in organizations that provide or rely upon information. The MLIS Program offers a distinguished professional education relevant in a rapidly evolving age of information and based on the practices and underlying theories of information acquisition, organization, transmission and utilization.

The Department of Information Science provides and supports resources, research, and service for education and leadership to the information science, library science, and data science communities and prepares information professionals of the highest quality to serve dynamic roles in the state, the nation, and the world.

  1. Dynamic and innovative curriculum, to meet the current needs of Knowledge Society
  2. Well qualified, experienced and dedicated young faculties
  3. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for personnel development of students
  4. Learner centric approach along with personalized attention to the students
  5. Expert guest lectures, academic tours, seminar, workshop for development of students
  6. Financial assistance is available in the form of scholarships (According to Govt./Uni. norms)
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1.Mr. Deepak V. MunguskarHOD & Assist ProfessorM.A. M.Lib.I.Sc.13View Profile
2.Mr. Amol S.AtoleAssist ProfessorM.A. M.Lib.I.Sc., B.Ed. SET.05View Profile
  1. Lib.I.Sci. (Undergraduate)
  2. Lib.I.Sci. (Postgraduate)
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.B.Lib.I.Sc.19901 Year30
2.M.Lib.I.Sc.20091 Year24


  1. Smart Classroom.
  2. Library Facilities.
  3. Computer Lab.
  4. Multimedia Projectors.
  1. Research Centre details : NIL
  2. Guideship details: NIL
  3. Research projects sanctioned to faculty : NIL
  4. Book Publication:
Sr. No.Name of TeacherTitle of BookName and Place PublisherYear
1.Mr.D.V.MunguskarNew Horizons’ in A Academic LibraryKnowledge World Publication Beed2021

ACADEMIC CALENDAR – 2023-24 : View

Department actively participate in various extracurricular activities and encourage the students to take part in some regular activities through out the year.

  • Celebration of Dr. .R.Ranganathan’s Birth Anniversary on 12th August by presenting a Seminar on the life and work of  Dr.  S.R.  Ranganathan.
  • Teachers Day celebration on 5th September
  • Field visit to local libraries
  • Remedial course to improve communication skills in English
  • Guest lectures
  • Display of Headlines of newspapers.
  • Compilation of Bibliography.
  • Preparation of News-paper Clipping Project.
  • Orientation to the Profession of Librarianship by showing video films


  1. The department has an exclusive meritorious tradition. Every year our students hold the merit position in SPPU rank list.
  2. Presently 78 students have cleared NET/SET exam and five out of them have also cleared JRF (UGC).
  3. 1 student have completed M.Phil. and PhD and are doing extremely well in their professional life.
  4. More than 700 students have passed out from the department and are well placed in various libraries all over Maharashtra, India and abroad also.
Sr. No.Full NameDegree taken from TC CollegeYear of passingCurrently Working Organization NameCurrent Designation
1Mr. Anat Vishnu WaghM.Lib.I.Sc.2011RRRLF , Ministry of Culture, Govt. of IndiaZonal Officer
2Mr. Narendra Haribhau WaghM.Lib.I.Sc.2011INDIAN NAVY Govt of Defense OrganisationLibrary and Information Assistant
3Mr. Kundlik Dada TakaleM.Lib.I.Sc.2011Savitribai Phule Pune UniversityLibrary Attendant
4Mr. Yogesh Vitthal RautM.Lib.I.Sc.2015MES'S Institute of Management and Carrier Courses (IMCC) PuneLibrary Assistant
5Mr. Vinayak Raghunath ShindeM.Lib.I.Sc.2016Vishwasrao Ransing College Kalamb WalchandnagarLibrarian
6Miss. Sonali Milind SalveM.Lib.I.Sc.2020Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Gir Somnath GujratLibrarian
  • Name: Mr. Deepak Vasantrao Munguskar (HoD Department of Library and Information Science)
  • Email :
  • Mob:. No. 9763020247
Yoga : Department Profile

The department of yoga has been managing well under the guidance of Prof R D Jagtap who takes care to keep everything up-to-date. The department itself was set up in 1989 and since then it has offered a strong foundation for students wishing to pursue yoga as their academic and career passion. The department has committed teaching staff and is equipped with the latest journals and books to help students stay level with their peers across the country. A success rate of 92% is simply a reflection of the efforts put into this department.

Content Not added yet.

Name of the StaffQualificationDesignationBio-Data
Dr. Ramchandra D. JagtapM.A. (Psy), M.A. (Yoga), B.Ed., C.C.Yoga, D.N.Yoga, M.Phil., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
View Profile

Content Not added yet.

Content Not added yet.

Content Not added yet.

Content Not added yet.

Content Not added yet.

Content Not added yet.

Content Not added yet.

Content Not added yet.

Content Not added yet.

Philosophy and Logic : Department Profile
Mr. Krushnat V. Nagare Assistant Professor and HOD , Dept of Philosophy And Logic

‘Teaching and Learning Philosophy’ was urban fashion, In 2019 Tuljaram Chaturchand College Baramati started a department of Philosophy and Logic with the aim of providing rich knowledge of the subject philosophy & logic to rural students.Philosophy is considered to be the mother of all sciences or branches of knowledge.

Arts faculty studies various dimensions of human life, society, and culture. The direct or indirect contribution of philosophy in the constitution of all these is very great. Seen from this perspective, the study of philosophy is foundational for an overall study of arts faculty. The main objective of this College is to introduce this subject to you and to make you understand its significance.

Philosophy as a subject is mammoth by itself and studying it develops one’s thinking and reasoning about issues of society, human relationship to the human-created environment, and the world around. It develops one’s skills in argumentation. It also helps one to confront the hidden assumptions of other disciplines, and it concretes the foundation of all the disciplines of the present and of the future. Philosophy encourages intellectual values like open-mindedness, tolerance of different opinions, etc.

The department believes that ‘Philosophy responds to intellectual challenges posed by society and by the acquisition and organization of knowledge worldwide. It reflects on current practices in the light of past performances while seeking to develop new perspectives on current problems.’

The objectives of the department are set in tune with this empirical belief

Currently Department provides the following courses for UG Students-

Introduction to Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Yog Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Ancient Indian Philosophical Knowledge, Philosophy of Indian Saint, Indian & Western Philosophy, Jain Philosophy, Deductive & Indicative Logic Formal Logic, Logical Reasoning & Symbolic Logic

Mission :

To advance the study of philosophy by conducting original philosophical research and by providing students with the philosophical education necessary for them to develop a firm foundation in the liberal arts as well as strong ethical, creative, and critical thinking skills. The department is committed to fostering student engagement with historically important philosophical debates, developments in contemporary philosophy, and applications of philosophical ideas in all areas of life.

Vision : 

The Department of Philosophy will be essential to The College students’ education in rigorous, analytical thinking about issues across the curriculum, including not only those that arise within the discipline of philosophy, but also philosophical issues in such other areas as the arts, the sciences, business, engineering, and the legal and medical professions. The Department will advance philosophical understanding and debate through both teaching and the production of high-quality original scholarly research

  1. Qualified and experienced faculty
  2. skill based courses
  3. study tours
  4. Guidance for Inter-disciplinary Research
  5. Innovative Syllabus
  6. The Department of Philosophy is to promote the professional, intellectual, and personal growth of our students.
Sr. No.Name of TeacherDesignationQualificationExp. Yrs.PhotoBio-Data
1.Mr. Krushnat J. NagareHead & Assistant ProfessorM.A., SET12View Profile
2.Mr. Anirudha KilledarAssistant ProfessorM.A., SET04
  1. Undergraduate – Bachelor in Arts
Sr. No.Name of the ProgrammeDate of EstablishmentDurationIntake Capacity
1.Bachelor in Arts20193/ 4 years30
  1. Computer With Internet
  2. Rich Library Collection
  3. Study Tours
  4. Certificate Courses
  • Guideship Details: NA
  • Research Projects Sanctioned to Faculty : NA
  • Book Publication: NA

ACADEMIC CALENDAR : 2023-24 : View

  1. World Philosophy Day
  2. Seminars/workshops
  3. IQAC Youth Festival
  4. Personal guidance to the students
  5. Study tours
  6. Remedial Coaching and bridge courses



Content Not added yet.

Sanskrit : Department Profile
Mr. Anirudha A. Killedar Assistant Professo and HOD , Dept. of Sanskrit

The Department of Sanskrit established in the academic year 2019-20. The Department of Sanskrit aims at providing a chance for students to learn Sanskrit in a friendly environment and making everyone aware of our rich Indian culture.

Currently Department provides following courses for UG Students-

  • संस्कृत प्रवेश १
  • संस्कृत प्रवेश २
  • संस्कृत परिचय १
  • संस्कृत परिचय २
  • संस्कृत प्रबोध १
  • संस्कृत प्रबोध २
  • Certificate Course in Sanskrit Grammar
  • Certificate Course in संस्कृत भाषेचे अंतरंग

Sanskrit is a standardised dialect of Old Indo-Aryan, having originated in the second millennium BCE as Vedic Sanskrit and tracing its linguistic ancestry back to Proto-Indo-Iranian and Proto-Indo-European. As the oldest Indo-European language for which substantial written documentation exists, Sanskrit holds a prominent position in Indo-European studies.

The body of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of poetry and drama as well as scientific, technical, philosophical and religious texts. The compositions of Sanskrit were orally transmitted for much of its early history by methods of memorization of exceptional complexity, rigour, and fidelity. Thereafter, variants and derivatives of the Brahmi script came to be used.

The study of Sanskrit Language and literature encompasses a rich tradition of poetry and drama as well as scientific,technical and philosophical texts. Knowledge of Sanskrit is a marker of educational attainment of modern India.

The relevance and importance of Sanskrit is not just restricted to culture and academics. Introduction of concepts such as yoga, Vedas, vaastu shastra, astrology, ayurveda and drama shows that it is not just about learning the language or literature but also about tracing and studying the connection between various areas and Sanskrit.

A study in Sanskrit can open up a vast number of career possibilities. These are:

  • Academics are one of the most popular career choices. Most schools of India offer Sanskrit as an optional language and one can become a Sanskrit teacher. One can also teach Sanskrit in colleges. In addition to this are the various research options in the Sanskrit language.
  • The Sanskrit courses do not only teach the language but also include the vast treasure trove of wisdom that is penned in this language. Hence, one can specialise in subjects like yoga, vaastu shastra, poetics, Indian drama, Vedic studies, astrology and Ayurveda. Vast scope of research as well as jobs exists in these fields.
  • People specialising in Sanskrit courses can also pursue a career in civil service. Law is another popular choice.
  1. Expert Faculty
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1Mr. Anirudha A. KilledarHead & Assistant ProfessorM.A. B.Ed. SET4View Profile

Currently, The Department of Sanskrit offers Sanskrit subject at general level for FY, SY & TY and OE subject for FY students under NEP-2020 pattern.

  1. Certificate Course in Sanskrit Grammar
  2. Certificate Course in संस्कृत भाषेचे अंतरंग.
  1. Computer
  2. Rich Library Collection


Poster Presentation- Under this activity, students are guided to create an attractive and informative poster on various topics related to Sanskrit.

Sanskrit Katta- This activity is organised to increase students participation in the departmental activities. Under this activity, programs like ‘Interview of Young Sanskrit Scholar’, Guest Lecture, Discussion Forum are included.

Along with above mentioned activities, Students are always motivated to participate in various activities organised by other colleges.



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