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मार्च / एप्रिल – २०२४ परीक्षा अर्जाबाबत – विनाविलंबशुल्काने दि. ०६/०३/२०२४ सायं. ४ वा. पर्यंत भरण्याची संधी देण्यात आली आहे
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विद्यार्थी शब्दसृजन क्लब आयोजित – ६० सेकंद मराठीत बोला स्पर्धा


Department also has a common staff room for teachers. It also has separate instrumentation room. The Zoology museum in the department is equipped with some unique, rare and imported specimens from the animal kingdom. It is probably one of the oldest museums of its kind in rural areas.

The department conducts bachelor‟s degree course (UG) & master‟s degree course (PG) in Zoology. The M.Sc. Zoology with Entomology, as a specialization was started from 1993 to 2002.The department has restarted M.Sc. Zoology degree course from 2015-16. In 2015-16, specialization was Entomology. Additional specialization started as Animal Physiology in 2021-22 & Genetics in 2022-23.

The department is actively involved in research activities. Priority areas of research include fishery science, limnology and parasitology. Funding agencies like University Grants Commission (UGC), WRO, Pune and Board of College and University Development (BCUD) has supported the research activities. The research work being carried out in the Department has been being presented and published in the renowned national and international journals such as Journal of Aquatic Biology, Journal of Experimental Zoology India, Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology, Journal of Indian Fisheries Association, Eco scan, A research journal of Recent Sciences, Standard Global Journal of Scientific Research, International Multidisciplinary e-Journal, IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology & Food Technology, International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies, Journal of Science & Technology, Bionano Frontier etc.

The department is enriched with highly sophisticated instruments including Phase Contrast Microscope, BOD Incubator, Binocular, Trinocular Research Microscope, Electrophoresis units, Laminar Air flow, PCR, UV spectrophotometer, Rotary shaker etc. The department also possesses variety of chemicals, glass wares and plastic wares necessary for various experiments.

The department has a rich tradition of classical Zoologists and presently it enjoys a good combination of classical as well as modern Zoologists. The best practices of the department are as follows

  1. Celebration of National / International commemorative days, Wild Life Week, Health awareness programmes,
  2. Installation of the bird nests, feeders and watering devices in college campus with active participation of
  3. Operating departmental library that contains books donated by
  4. We arrange the snake awareness programme and distribution of seed balls during various occasions like Nagpanchami and annual Pandharpur
  5. Extensive use of ICT in lectures and
  6. Survey of Biodiversity through student research projects.
  7. Inculcation of entrepreneurship character among students through various workshops based on applied

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