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मार्च / एप्रिल – २०२४ परीक्षा अर्जाबाबत – विनाविलंबशुल्काने दि. ०६/०३/२०२४ सायं. ४ वा. पर्यंत भरण्याची संधी देण्यात आली आहे
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विद्यार्थी शब्दसृजन क्लब आयोजित – ६० सेकंद मराठीत बोला स्पर्धा

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

It also has relevance due to changed technological, social, cultural and economic environment of the nation. The curriculum for B.VOC.- ECDM  is developed keeping in mind the national priorities and international practices. It also attempts to align the programme structure and course contents with student aspirations & recruiter expectations. This syllabus also attempts to align with National Goal of “Make in India”,

“Start – Up and Stand – Up India” and “Digital India”.


    1. Reading & Listening Skills
    2. Problem Definition & Problem Solving Skills
    3. Application of Technology Tools
    4. Mastery of Analytics (Quantitative Aspects)
    5. Sensitization to Cross-Functional skills
    6. Sensitization to Cross-Cultural skills
    7. Sensitization to Global perspectives
    8. Peer-based Learning – Working in groups
    9. Learning by application and doing – Experiential learning
    10. Team building basics and its orientation


The B.VOC- ECDM  programme prepares a student for a career in diverse sectors of the industry domestically and globally. The B.VOC- ECDM  programme facilitates learning in theory and practice of different functional areas of management and equips the students with an integrated approach to various functions of management. However, the demand for managerial skills is not limited to the industry. Managerial talent is much sought by the Government Sector, NGOs, non-corporate sector as well.


  1. Unique Pedagogy as per Industry Requirements
  2. Highly qualified and Experienced faculty
  3. Placement Assistance
  4. Specific skills to enhance employability
  5. Occupational Skills to enable entrepreneurial initiatives
  6. Industry-Academia Involvement and MoUs
  7. State of the Art Infrastructure
  8. Personality and soft skill development training
  9. Customer Relationship Management
  10. Job responsibilities of a sales Associates
  11. Knowledge of products and services


  1. E-Commerce Executive
  2. Digital Marketing Executive
  3. Executive – Telesales – E-Commerce
  4. Digital Marketing Experts
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Senior E-Commerce Executive
  7. Associate Director
  8. Business Development Manager
  9. E-Commerce Manager
  10. Digital Marketing Manager
  11. Development Manager For an E-Commerce Start-up
  12. Global E-Commerce Expert
  13. Front End Architect
  14. Category Manager
  15. Key Account Manager
  16. Digital Marketing Specialist -E-Commerce

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