Tuljaram Chaturchand College

Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Baramati.

Autonomous | Religious Minority Institute

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

College With Potential For Excellence (CPE)

Re-Accredited by NAAC 'A+' Grade (CGPA 3.55)

ISO 9001-2015


Star College


Senior College Prospectus 2020 – 2021 Download

College Admission Committee

Prin. Dr. Chandrashekhar MurumkarConvener
Dr. Avinash JagtapCoordinator
Dr. Hanumant PhatakAssistant Coordinator - Arts Faculty
Dr. Pradeep Sarvade
Dr. Chandrakant Kamble
Dr. Shashank Mane
Dr. Vijaykumar Shinde
Dr. Arun Magar
Dr. Sunildatta Lokhande
Dr. Mrs. Mukta Ambhere
Mr. Vinayak Lashkar
Dr. Milind GajbhiyeAssistant Coordinator - Science Faculty
Mr. Vilas Yelpale
Dr. Sachin Kulkarni
Dr. Rupali Chitale
Mr. Ravikirnamrut Gandhi
Dr. Sunil Pawar
Dr. Neeta Dhane
Dr. Vitthal Nale
Mrs. Varsha Shinde
Dr. Mahendra SalveAssistant Coordinator - Commerce Faculty
Dr. Janardhan Pawar
Dr. Niranjan Shah
Mr. Abhijeet MankarAssistant Coordinator - Comp. Sci. Faculty
Mr. Vishal Shaha
Mrs. Prajakta Kulkarni
Mrs. Deepali AnpatBBA Faculty
Mrs. Sudha PatilBBA(CA) Faculty
Mr. Ranjeet PanditAssistant Coordinator - B.Voc. Faculty
Mr. Devidas Bhosale
Mr. Mahesh Phule
Mr. Sidharth Sorate
Mr. Annirudh Killedar
Mr. Krushnat Nagare
Mr. Deepak MunguskarB.Lib. I. Sci. Faculty
Mr. Ahinandan Shah





Controller of Examination (CEO)  :  Dr. Deshpande J. D.
Email Id:  deshpandejd@gmail.com 

College Examination Committee

Dr. Chandrashekhar MurumkarDirector
Dr. Jagdish DeshpandeController of Examination
Dr. Sandeep TardalkarDeputy Controller & Coordinator
Mr. Sadashiv Puranik Deputy Controller of Examination & Coordinator (UG Sci)
Mr. Shivaji GawadeCoordinator (Evaluation)
Mr. Upendra Choudhari Member (UG- Science)
Dr. Ashok KalangeCo-ordinator (UG Sci)
Dr. Vitthal NaleMember (PG-Science)
Dr. Hanumant PhatakMember (UG-Arts)
Dr. Ranjana NemadeCoordinator (PG-Arts)
Dr. Ajay DhawaleMember (PG-Arts)
Dr. Janardhan PawarCoordinator (UG-Commerce)
Dr. Niranjan ShahMember (UG-Commerce)
Dr. Megha BadveCoordinator (PG-Commerce)
Mr. Vivek BaleMember (PG-Commerce)
Dr. Wajid KhanCoordinator (B.Voc. & Lib Sci)
Mr. Ranjeet PanditMember (B.Voc. )
Mr. Abhinandan Shah Member (Registrar)
Mr. Santosh DeokarMember


List Of Students :

Name Of DepartmentName Of GuideName of StudentM.Sc./Ph. D.Research Topic Funding Agency
(If Any)
Contact Info.
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheMiss. Priyanka N NavgharePh.D.Studies on Microbial production of L- AsparginaseNApinksi.02@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheMrs. Nilima PendharkarPh.D.Studies on Bioremidation of pesticide contaminated soiNAnilimapendharkar@rediffmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheVishakha GanvirPh.D.Studies on Bioremidation of pesticide contaminated soil.NAGanvirvishakha512@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheMrs. Kiran KirdatPh.D.Understanding genomic factors associated with pathogenicity and transmission of 16rII group phytoplasmas, their taxonomy and insect vectorsUGCkirannkirdat@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheAnjali Bhoite Ph.D.Standardization of Mixed fruit juice fermentation by yeast strains for preservation of phenolic and enhancement of nutritional qualityNAAnjali.bhoite@mitcft.edu.in
MicrobiologyDr. S. T. Pawar Mrs. A. Neelima DeviPh.D.Studies on metal interacting cyanobacteria and its applications in elevating the bioavailable zincin saline soNAneelima_rohit@rediffmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. T. Pawar Mrs. Manish Gorakh JadhavPh.D.Studies on antibiotic resistance of Acinetobacter baumanni isolated from clinical samplesNAmanish4feb@gmail.com
9403018467/ 9028421354
MicrobiologyDr. S. T. Pawar Mrs. Suman Dattatraya JadhavPh.D.Studies on antibiotic resistance of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from clinical samples.NAsumanlokhande1010@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. Snehal AgnihotriRandive Vaishali SanjayPh.D.Bioprospectives of rhizosphere microflora from endemic plant species for sustainable agriculture.NAshitolevn@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. Snehal AgnihotriMrs. Salunkhe Archana RangraoPh.D.Isolation and identification of potential microbial strains for degradation of municipal soil wasteNAarchana.jadhav93@yahoo.com
MicrobiologyDr. Snehal AgnihotriMrs. Singh Laxmi ShivmurtiPh.D.Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and exploring their application in medical microbiologyNAsinghlaxmi777@gmil.com
MicrobiologyDr. Snehal AgnihotriMrs. Hingane Neeta NivruttiPh.D.Effect of Indigenous algal extract and cell polymerization and venom neutralizationNAnnh.jscopr@gmail.com
ChemistryDr. Dilip R. ThubeSanjay R. kalePh.D.Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications of inner transition metal doped Y2O3 phospher materialsNAkalesanjay29@gmail.com
ChemistryDr. Dilip R. ThubeVaibhav P. LandagePh.D.Synthesis and biological screening of thiazole anchored azoles and chromones.NAvplandage@gmail.com
ChemistryDr.Sudesh ManjareShrikrushna T. SalunkePh.D.Synthesis and Characterisation of BODIPY based near IR molecular probesNAstsalunke@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Shashikant Jagannath ChavanWadavkar Dadasaheb ShivajiPh.D.Physiological studies of some mosses and their application on seed germination of semi arid crops.NAwadavkaryash@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Shashikant Jagannath ChavanMulay Abasaheb VinayakPh.D.Studies on biological activities in some mosses: isolation and characterization of some metabolitesNAabamulay@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Chandrashekhar Vasantrao MurumkarJagtap Dattatray KundalikPh.D.Eco-physiological studies in Cassia auriculata Linn.NAjdattak@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Mahadev Bhimappa KanadeMujawar Illahi IsmaiPh.D.Investigation of Allelopathic potential of Pascalia glauca Ortega.NAmilahi10@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Mahadev Bhimappa KanadeYemul Nageshwar BhikshapatiPh.D.Studies in Aphyllophorales of Ratnagiri District (M.S.).NAyemulnageshb@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Mahadev Bhimappa KanadWagh Sujit HanumantPh.D.Studies on Powdery Mildew Fungi of Pune District (M.S.)NAshwagh96@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Ajit Bhimrao TelaveJadhav Somnath MadhukarPh.D.Ecological studies on Mangrove Habitat of Rajpuri Creek in Raigad District of Maharashtra.NAjadhavsomnath555@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Ajit Bhimrao TelaveBhise Damaji ShankarPh.D.Studies on Xylocarpus granatum Koenig from the Coast of Maharashtra (India): With special reference to Ecology, Phytogeography and Restoration.NAdamajibhise1982@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Bharat P. ShindeKamble Swapnil DilipPh.D.Studies on diversity of AM Fungi associated with common plants from Western Ghats of Maharashtra.NAsdkamble999@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Bharat P. ShindeRoylawar Praveen BaliramPh.D.Physiological and Molecular Characterization of defense responses in Onion against Fungal Pathogen.NApraveenroylawar7@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. A. E. KalangeKakade Sandip BhimraoPh.D.Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Oxide thin Film for Gas Sensing ApplicationNAkakadesandipphy@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. A. E. KalangeThorat Sopan MurlidharPh.D.Physical and Chemical properties of Bismuth FerritesNASopan.karjat2011@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. R. D. KaleKamble Ashok ManoharPh.D.Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Oxide based composites for Gas Sensor ApplicationNAKambleashok625@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. R. J. DeokateBulakhe Suraj ChandrabhanPh.D.Studies on Transition Metal Oxide Thin Films for Water Splitting ApplicationNAbulakesr@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. S. B. KulkarniPatil Pratik AshokProject FellowTwo Dimensional Transition Metal Sulfides Co-Ni Layered Double Hydroxied composites as Highly Efficient Supercapacitor ElectrodesScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Scheme ECR/2017/002820, DST (Govt. of India)patilpratik8909@gmail.com

Autonomy Minutes

Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting – 11th Feb. 2020 View

Minutes of The Governing Body Meeting – 29 Apr 2019 View

Minutes of The Governing Body Meeting – 13 Nov 2019 View

Minutes of the Academic Council Friday, 04th Oct. 2019 at 11.30 a.m. View

Financial Council 2018-19 View

Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting  View


Question Bank

  •  Arts
      • Marathi
        • UG
          • F.Y.B.A.Sem-I
            • आधुनिक मराठी साहित्य व व्यावहारिक मराठी MAR1101 Download
          • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
            • आधुनिक मराठी साहित्य व व्यावहारिक मराठी MAR1201 Download
          • S.Y.B.A. Sem III
            • आधुनिक मराठी साहित्य व  उपयोजित  मराठी MAR 2301 Download
        • PG
          • M.A.-I Sem-I
          • M.A.-I Sem-II
            • व्यावहारिक  व उपयोजित मराठी MAR 4201 Download 
            • मध्ययुगीन मराठी वांगमयाचा इतिहास (इ.स. १६०० ते १८१८) MAR 4102 Download
            • भाषाविज्ञान : वर्णनात्मक आणि सामाजिक MAR4203 Download
            • दलित साहित्य MAR4204 Download
    • English
      • UG
      • PG
        • M.A.-I Sem-I
          • ENG4101 MA Eng. Eng Lit 1550-1798 Download
          • ENG4102 MA English Literature from 1798-2000 Download
          • ENG 4103 Contemporary Studies in English Language Download
          • ENG4104 MA Eng. Lit. Cri. Theory Download
        • M.A.-I Sem-II
          • English Literature from 1550 to 1798 ENG 4201 Download
          • English Literature from 1798-2000 ENG 4202 Download
          • Contemporary Studies in English Language ENG 4103 Donwload
          • Literary Criticism and Theory ENG 4204  Download
    • Hindi
      • UG
        • F.Y. B.A. Sem-I
          • सामान्य हिंदी -१ (HIN 1101) Download
        • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
          • सामान्य हिंदी -१ (HIN 1201) Download
      • PG
        • M.A.-I Sem-I
        • M.A.-I Sem-II
          • मध्ययुगीन हिंदी काव्य (HIN 4105) Download
          • विशेष स्तर आधुनिक हिंदी नाटक विद्या (HIN4202) Download
          • पाश्च्यात्य साहित्यशास्त्र (HIN 4107) Download
          • विशेष विधा : हिंदी उपन्यास (HIN 4108) Download
    • History
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.A. Sem-I
          • छ. शिवाजी आणि त्याचा काळ भाग -१ (1101) Download
        • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
          • छ. शिवाजी आणि त्याचा काळ भाग -२ (HIS 1277)  Download
      • PG
        • M.A.-I Sem-I
          • History and Its Theory Download
          • Evolution of Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India Download
          • Maratha Polity Download
          • Social of Dalit Movement in Maharashtra Download
        • M.A.-I Sem-II
          • HISTORY AND ITS PRACTICE Download
          • मध्ययुगीन भारतातील संस्था आणि संकल्पनांचा विकास (C.P. 4202)  Download
          • मराठ्यांचा सामाजिक आणि आर्थिक इतिहास (C.P. 4203) Download
          • Nature of Dalit Movement in Maharashtra (HIS4204) Download
    • Geography
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.A.Sem-I
        • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
          • GEO 1201 मानवी भूगोल Download
      • PG
        • M.A./M.Sc Geography Sem-I
        • M.A./M.Sc Geography Sem-II
          • Geog: 4201- Coastal Geomorphology Download
          • Geog: 4202- Fluvial Geomorphology Download
          • Geog: 4211 – Geoinformatics -I Download
          • Geog: 4213- Geography of Disaster  Management Download
    • Sociology
      • F.Y.B.A. Sem-I
      • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
    • Politics
      • UG
        • F.Y. B.A.Sem-I
          • Indian Government & Politics G-1 Download
        • F.Y. B.A.Sem-II
          • POL-1201 भारताचे शासन आणि राजकारण जी-१ Download
      • PG
        • M.A.-I Sem-I
          • Politics – MA 4101 MA Political Theory Download
          • Politics – MA 4102 Public Administration Download
          • Politics – MA 4103 भारतातील राजकीय संस्था Download
          • Politics – MA 4104 Modern Political Ideology Download
        • M.A.-I Sem-II
          • POL – 22491 सार्वजनिक धोरण Download
    • Economics
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.A.Sem-I
          • Indian Economy : Problems and Prospects Download
        • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
          • Indian Economy: Problems and Prospects -II Download
      • PG
        • M.A.-I Sem-I
        • M.A.-I Sem-II
          • Micro Economic Analysis : II (4101) Download
          • EC 1002- Public Economics Download
          • International Economics: II (ECO-4103) Download
    • Psychology
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.A Sem-I
        • F.Y.B.A Sem-II
          • PSY1201 General Psychology -II Download
      • PG
        • M.A.-I Sem-I
          • PSY4101 MA Cognitive Psychology Download 
          • Psy4102  M.A. – Testing Download
          • PSY4103 MA Psychology Statistical Methods Download
        • M.A.-I Sem-II
          • PSY 4101 Learning and Memory Download
          • PSY4202 Psychological Testing: Applications Download
          • PSY-4203 Research Methodology Download
    • Defence & Strategic Studies
      • UG
        • F.Y. B.A. Sem-I
        • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
          • Military_Thinkers(DEF 1201B) General Paper 1 -B Download
          • Defence Mechanism of India G – II (A) (DEF 1201 (A)) Download
    • Library Science
      • UG
        • B.Lib.I.Sc. Sem-I
          • Foundations of Library and Information Science Download
          • Information Management and Organizations Download
          • Reference Service & Information Sources Download
          • Information Science Download
          • Knowledge Organization -I : Classification (Theory) Download
          • Information Processing: Cataloguing -I (Theory) Download
          • Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Libraries Download
        • B.Lib.I.Sc. Sem-II
          • BLIS- 201 Librarianship as a Profession Download
          • BLIS-203 Information Service & Sources Download
          • BLIS 204 Organization of Information systems and Services Download
          • BLIS 205 Download
          • BLIS 206 Download
      • PG
        • M.Lib. I. Sc. Sem-I
          • MLIS101 Information Communication & Society Download
          • MLIS102 Introduction to Research Methodology Download
          • MLIS103 Information Retrieval Download
          • MLIS104 Management of Libraries and Information Download
          • MLIS105 Information Technology (Theory) Download
        • M.Lib. I. Sc. Sem-II
          • MLIS-201 Management of libraries and information system Download
          • MLIS 202: Statistical Techniques of Research & Bibliometrics Download
          • MLIS- 203 Bibliographic Control And Information System Download
    • Yoga
      • F.Y.B.A. Sem-I
      • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
        • YOG 1202 Basic Foundation of Yoga Download
    • Logic
      • F.Y.B.A. Sem-I
      • F.Y.B.A. Sem-II
        • LOC 1201 Logic and Principal of Reasoning Download
    • Philosophy
      • F.Y.B.A  Sem-I
        • PHIL 1101 PHILOSOPHY Question Bank Download
      • F.Y.B.A  Sem-II
    • Sanskrit
      • F.Y.B.A  Sem-I
      • F.Y.B.A  Sem-II
  • Science
    • Computer Science
      • F. Y. B.Sc(CS) Sem-I
      • F. Y. B.Sc(CS) Sem-II
        • CSCO 1201 Advanced C  Download
        • CSCO 1202 DBMS-II  Download
        • CSMT 1201 Discrete Mathematics Download
        • CSMT 1202 Calculus Download
        • CSST- 1201 STATISTICAL METHODS – II Download
        • CSST-1202 Statistical Testing of Hypothesis and Use of R Software -II Download
        • CSEL1201 Semiconductor Devices and Memories Download
        • CSEL1202 Sequential circuit designing Download
    • Microbiology
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Sc Sem-I
          • Introduction To Microbiology Download
          • Basic Techniques in Microbiology Download
        • F.Y.B.Sc Sem-II
          • Introduction To Microbiology (MICRO1201) Download
      • PG
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-I
          • Microbiology MICRO4102 M.Sc. Quantitative Biology Download
          • Microbiology MICRO4103 M.Sc. Biochemistry Download
          • Microbiology MICRO4104 M.Sc. Cell biology  Download
          • Microbiology MICRO4101 M.Sc. Microbial Systematics and Diversity Download
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-II
    • Botany
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-I
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-II
          • BOT1201 Angiosperm Morphology Download
          • BOT 1202 APPLICATIONS OF BOTANY Download 
      • PG
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-I
          • Botany BOT-4102: Cell Biology Download
          • Botany BOT-4103: Genetics and Plant Breeding Download
          • Botany BOT-4104: Advanced Botanical Techniques Download
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-II
          • Plant systematics-II (BOT-4201) Download
          • Plant physiology and Biochemistry (BOT 4202) Download
          • Plant Ecology and Biodiversity (BOT 4204) Download
    • Chemistry
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Sc Sem-I
          • CHEM1101 Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Download
          • CHEM1102 Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Download
        • F.Y.B.Sc Sem-II
          • CHEM-1201 (Physical & Inorganic Chemistry) Download
          • CHEM-1202: Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Download
      • PG
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-I
        • M.Sc-I Sem-II
          • CHP-4201-Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry-II Download
          • CHI- 4202-Coordination chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry Download
          • CHO- 4203-Synthetic organic chemistry and Spectroscopy) Download
          • CHA-4204-General chemistry Download
    • Mathematics
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-I
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-II
      • PG
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-I
          • Mathematics MAT4101 M.Sc. Real Analysis Download
          • Mathematics MAT4102 M.Sc.-I Advanced calculus  Download
          • Mathematics MAT4103 – M.Sc.-I Group Theory Download
          • Mathematics MAT4104 M.Sc. Numerical Analysis Download
          • Mathematics MAT4105 O.D.E. M.Sc. Download
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-II
    • Electronics
      • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-I
        • ELE1102  Logic Gates & Arithmetic Circuits Sem_I Download
      • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-II
      • PG
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-I
          • ELE4101 : Mathematical Methods in and Network Analysis Download
          • ELE4102 M.Sc. – Integrated circuit analysis Download
          • ELE4104 – M.Sc. Adv. C Prog Download
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-II
          • ELE4202: Instrumentation & Measurement Techniques Download
          • ELE4203: Advanced Embedded System Design Download
    • Physics
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-I
          • PHY1101 Mechanics and Properties of matter Download
          • PHY1102 Electrostatics Download
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-II
          • PHY 1201 : Heat and Thermodynamics Download
          • PHY 1202: Waves and Optics Download
      • PG
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-I
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-II
          • PHY-4201 :Electrodynamics Download
          • PHY- 4202 Atoms,Molecules and Lasers Download
          • PHY- 4203 Quantum Mechanics-II Download
          • PHY- 4204 Physics of Semiconductor Devices Download
    • Zoology
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-I
          • ZOO1101 FYBSc SEM- I , Animal Systematics & Diversity – I Download
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-II
          • Animal Systematics and Diversity- II (ZOO: 1101) Download
          • Genetics (ZOO: 1202) Download
      • PG
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-I
          • ZOO MSc-4101-T Biochemistry and Bioenergetics   Download
          • ZOO MSc-4102 T – Cell Biology and Genetics (4C)  Download
          • ZOO MSc-4103 T – FZW & Ichthyology (4C) Download
          • ZOO-MSc- 4104 T- SSCW and Biostatistics (4C) Download
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-II
          • Molecular Biology (ZOO: 4201 (T))  Download
          • Developmental Biology (ZOO-4202) Download
          • Comparative Animal Physiology&Endocrinology (ZOO: 4203 (T)) Download
          • Biological Techniques (ZOO: 4204) Download
    • Statistics
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-I
          • STAT1101 FY DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS – I Download
          • STAT1102 Fybsc. Dis. Prob & Prob. Distribution Download
        • F.Y.B.Sc. Sem-II
          • STAT 1201: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS – II Download
      • PG
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-I
          • STAT4101 M.Sc. Mathematical Analysis Download
          • STAT4102 MSc Linear Algebra Download
          • STAT4103 M.Sc. Probability Distributions Download
          • STAT4104 M.Sc. Sampling Theory Download
        • M.Sc.-I Sem-II
          • STAT- 4201: Probability Theory Download
          • STAT- 4202: Parametric Inference Download
          • STAT- 4203: Multivariate Analysis Download
          • STAT- 4204: Regression Analysis Download
    • EVS
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Sc.Sem-I
          • EVE1101 Environmental Science Download
          • EVS1102 Environmental Biology Download
        • F.Y.B.Sc.Sem-II
          • EVE1201Fundamentals of Environmental Science Download
          • EVE1202 Fundamental Of Environmental Biology Download
  • Commerce
  • Professional Courses
    • BBA
      • F.Y.BBA Sem-I
      • F.Y.BBA Sem-II
        • Principles of Management (BBA1201) Download
        • Principles of Marketing (BBA1202) Download
        • Principles of Finance (BBA1203) Download
        • Basics of Cost Accounting (BBA1204) Download
        • Business Statistics (BBA1205) Download
        • Business Informatics (BBA1206) Download
    • BBA(CA)
  • B.Voc.
    • Food Processing and Post-Harvest Technology
      • F.Y.B.Voc. Sem-I
        • Food Microbiology – I Download
        • Food Science – I Download
        • Principles of Food Processing and Preservation Download
      • F.Y.B.Voc.Sem-II
        • FP – 4- Nutrition Science Download
        • FP – 5- Food Microbiology – II Download
        • FP – 6- Food Science-II Download
    • Media and Communication Studies
      • UG
        • F.Y.B.Voc. Sem-I
        • F.Y.B.Voc. Sem-II
          • JM 201 News Reporting and Editing – I Download
          • JM 202 Writing For the Media I Download
          • JM 203 Indian Constitutions Download
      • PG
        • M.Voc.-I Sem-I
          • MS-101 intro to media Studies Download
          • MS- 102 Introductions to Journalism Download
          • MS-103 video production Download
        • M.Voc.-I Sem-II
          • MS 203- Media Research Methods Download
    • Dairy Technology
      • F.Y. B.Voc. Sem-I
      • F.Y.B.Voc. Sem-II
        • BDT 201- Food Preservation Technology Download
        • BDT 203- Dairy Microbiology Download
    • Retail Management
      • F.Y. B.Voc Sem-I
      • F.Y. B.Voc Sem-II
        • Business Communication Skills – II 1201 Download
        • Principles of Management – II 1202 Download
        • Principles of Consumer Behavior- II 1203 Download
    • E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
      • F.Y.B.Voc.
        • Sem-I
        • Sem-II
          • BASICS OF MARKETING (ECDM 201) Download
          • Consumer Protection & Business Ethics (COMCP1106A) Download

Certificate Courses 

Sr.NoCourse NameName, Mail ID and Contact of Course in-charge
Certificate Courses in Language
1.Marathi VyakranSwarupvichar(UG + PG)Dr. SeemaNaik-Gosavi, seemanaik69@gmail.com, 9850934342
2.Prashasnik Marathi (UG + PG)Mrs. MuktaAmbhere, muktaambhere@gmail.com, 9822863520
3.Translation Diploma (UG + PG)Dr. Pratibha Jawale, pratibhajawale16@gmail.com, 9860228322
4.Basic English Grammar (UG + PG)Mr. Manoj Kavthekar, kavathekarmb@gmail.com, 9822844123
5.Effective Communication in English (UG + PG)Mr. SandeshRathod, sandeshrathod7@gmail.com, 9423014296
6.Introduction to German (UG + PG)Dr. Shashank Mane, maneshashank@gmail.com, 9763865556
Certificate Courses in Social Sciences
7.Human Right’s(UG + PG)Mr. Raju Pande, rajpande17@gmail.com, 9403598416
8.Travel and Tourism (UG + PG)Dr. Sandip Tardalkar, tardalkar@gmail.com, 9822492446
9.Modi script (UG + PG)Mr. Sunil Lokhande, sslokhande2010@gmail.com, 9921584505
10.7. Basic Mathematics, Statistics and Reasoning for Economics (UG + PG)Mr. Krushna Kulkarni, krushnakulkarni@hotmail.com, 9145797035
11.Research Methodology (Social Sciences) Mr. Vinayak Lashkar, vinayak.lashkar@gmail.com, 8806806362
Mr. N. R. Chavan, nitinchavan22@gmail.com, 9922065532
12.Growth and Development of human life span Dr. Vijaykumar Shinde, vbswonder@gmail.com, 9881907092
13.Certificate courses of Psychological Counseling Dr. Vijaykumar Shinde, vbswonder@gmail.com, 9881907092
14.Certificate Course in Yoga Education (UG + PG)Mr. Ramchandra Jagtap, Jramchandra9261@gmail.com, 9823966963
15.12. Strategic Leadership Development in Defence Studies (UG + PG)Mr. Ramkishan Awad, ramkishan.awad@gmail.com, 8805625130
16.Computer Geography (UG + PG)Mr. Asaram Jadhav, asaramsjadhav@gmail.com, 7058085930
17.Disaster Management (UG + PG)Mr. Arun Magar, arunmagar@gmail.com, 9881989209
18Remote Sensing and GIS (UG + PG)Mr. Prashant Shinde, Prashantshinde300@gmail.com, 8888252898
Certificate Courses in Agriculture & Agriculture Based
19.Modern Agronomy (All UG + PG)Dr. Shashikant Chavan, drchavansj@gmail.com, 8605650496
20.Post harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables (All UG + PG)Dr. Bhagwan Mali, bhagawanmali10@gmail.com, 9822218249
21.Seed Technology (All UG + PG)Dr. MahadeoKanade, mahadevkanade1@gmail.com, 9881195182
Mr. Rajkumar Giri, girirajgpb@gmail.com, 9890701782
22.Gardening and Landscaping (All UG + PG)Dr. Rupali Chitale, rd.chitale@gmail.com, 9763020547
23.Bakery Technology (All UG + PG)Dr. Wajid Khan, wajid510@gmail.com, 9373443700
24.Quality control techniques in pharmaceutical, food and dairy industries (UG + PG Sci.)Dr. Milind Gajbhiye, gajbhiyemilindtutu@gmail.com, 9049661272
25.Basic Microbiology Laboratory Practices Ms. Preeti Bhosale, pritibhosale1800@gmail.com, 9657541800
26.Research Methodology (PG Micro.)Mr. Dhawal Doshi, doshidhawal26@gmail.com, 9890798800
27.Herpetology (Sci. ‘B’ Group UG + PG)Dr. Ravindrakumar Kudale, kudalerg@gmail.com, 9890438180
28.Ornithology (Sci. UG + PG)Dr. Vitthal Nale, vitthalnale@gmail.com, 9881028470
Certificate Courses in Science & Technology
29.Instrumental methods of chemical analysis (UG+PG)Mr. Srikrushna Salunke, salunke@gmail.com, 9421079771
30.Automation (UG & PG Sci.)Dr. Maruti Kokare, kokaremk@gmail.com, 9226262504
31.Renewable Energy Sources (UG Sci.)Dr. Vijay Mohite, mohitevijay1987@gmail.com, 9604110745
32.Statistics for Management Studies Dr. Neeta Dhane, dhaneneeta@rediffmail.com, 9011081189
33.Quantitative (UG B-Group Sci.) Dr. Avinash Jagtap, avinash.jagtap65@gmail.com, 9822992210
34.Basic Instrumentation Design (UG Sci.)Mr. Aniket Kothawale, kothawaleaniket71@gmail.com, 9561597469
35.PCB & Circuit Designing (UG + PG Sci.)Dr. Suhas Patil, suhas.patil05@gmail.com, 8275202447
36.Logical Reasoning & Numerical Ability (UG + PG Sci.)Mr. Sadashiv Puranik, srpuranik28@gmail.com, 9146336129
Certificate Courses in Commerce
37.Fundamentals of Accounting & Banking Ms. Archana Kadam, archana.kadam01@gmail.com, 9665774609
38.Computer Basics (All UG + PG)Mrs. Deepali Anpat, anpatdeepali@gmail.com, 9890511241
39.Event Management (All UG + PG)Mrs. Pooja Vhora, vhorapuja@yahoo.in, 9552632930
40.Marketing Management Skills (All UG + PG)Mr. Mahesh Phule, tccphule@gmail.com, 9922555523
41.Advertising and Sales Promotion (All UG + PG)Mr. Mahesh Phule, tccphule@gmail.com, 9922555523
Certificate Courses in Computer and Applications
42.Office Automation (All UG + PG)Mrs. Prajkta Kulkarni, pp.kulkarni@tccollege.org, 9112094242
Mrs. Asmita Bhagat, aa.bhagat@tccollege.org, 9960449879
43.Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (M.Sc. Comp. Sci.)Mrs. K. M. Theurkar, kmtheurkar@tccollege.org, 9975504068
Ms. Nikita Shinde, nikita.shinde@tccollege.org, 7038990871
44.Internet Awareness (All UG + PG)Mrs. Salma Shaikh, tssalmashaikh@gmail.com, 9272542388
Ms. Kalyani Londhe, kalyanilonde.tc@gmail.com, 9730497325
45.‘C’ Programming (BBA + Comp.Sci.)Mrs. Sudha Patil, sp.patil@tccollege.org, 9604850138
46.Financial Data Processing and Analysis (All UG+PG)Dr. Niranjan Shah, niranjanshah47@gmail.com, 9096236272
47.E-filing Income Tax Return (All UG + PG)Dr. Niranjan Shah, niranjanshah47@gmail.com, 9096236272
48.Application of Excel in Logistic Management(All)Mrs. Madhuri Punj, Punjmadhuri24@gmail.com, 9403627411
49.Tie and Dye (All UG + PG)Mrs. Pooja Vhora, vhorapuja@yahoo.in, 9552632930
50.Inventory Accounting with GST (All UG + PG)Dr. Niranjan Shah, niranjanshah47@gmail.com, 9096236272
51.Computerized Accounting Practices using Tally Software Ms. Manisha Bhosale, manishabhosale86@gmail.com, 8999134918
52.Accounts Writing and Book-Keeping (All UG + PG)Dr. Niranjan Shah, niranjanshah47@gmail.com, 9096236272
53.Basic Python (PG Stat.)Ms. Nilambari Jagtap, nilambarijagtap22@gmail.com, 7709101107
54.Basic SPSS (PG Stat.)Dr. Vaishali Patil, vaishutcc@gmail.com, 9689946052
55.LATEX software (UG + PG Sci.)Ms. Varsha Shinde, shinde.varsha007@gmail.com, 8605005800
56.SCILAB software (UG + PG Sci.)Ms. Shaila Jadhav, shailajadhavbhosale@gmail.com, 9552146110
57.Soft Skills For Library and Information Science Professionals (All UG + PG)Mr. Amol Atole, amolatole95@gmail.com, 9595687095
58.ICT Applications In Libraries and Information Science Mr.Deepak Munguskar,deepak.munguskar@gmail.com,9763020247
59.Understanding Cinema (All UG + PG)Mr. Jayendra Rane, jayrane00@gmail.com, 9028468157
60.Basic Photography (All UG + PG)Mr. Rahul Chaudhari, rpchaudhari15@gmail.com, 9764402892
61.Basic Digital Marketing (All UG + PG)Mr. Ranjeet Pandit, rnjt.pndt@gmail.com, 8422991555
62.Anchoring Skill (All UG + PG)Mr. Jayprakash Patil, jayprakashpatil1982@gmail.com, 8805990418
63.NatyaPrashikshan(All UG + PG)Mr. Jayprakash Patil, jayprakashpatil1982@gmail.com, 8805990418
64.Katthak(All UG + PG)Mr. Bhimrao Torane, toranebhimrao@gmail.com, 9850792165
65.Guitar (All UG + PG)Mr. Bhimrao Torane, toranebhimrao@gmail.com, 9850792165
66.Cartoon and caricature (All UG + PG)Mr. Shivaji Gawade, gawadeshivaji@gmail.com, 9822271943


Time Table of First Year Examination Mar/Apr-2020 Download

Sem -I 



PROGRAMME OF THE  F.Y.B.B.A. (COMPUTER Application) Sem-I (2019 PATTERN) Download

PROGRAMME OF THE  F.Y.B.B.A. Sem-I (2019 PATTERN) Download

PROGRAMME OF THE F.Y.B.Sc. (Computer Science) Sem-I (2019 PATTERN) Download

POST Graduate(PG) Exam Time Table (2019 PATTERN) Download