Tuljaram Chaturchand College

Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Baramati.

Autonomous | Religious Minority Institute

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

College With Potential For Excellence (CPE)

Re-Accredited by NAAC 'A+' Grade (CGPA 3.55)

ISO 9001-2015


Star College

Student Development

Dr. Bhagwan S. Mali : Student Development Officer

As per the motto of our college “We for students,” various student centric Programmes and activities were arranged and executed with support of Board of Students Development (BDS) Savitibai Phule University, Pune during 2018-2019. The BSD always tries to cultivate and enhance physical, mental and economical growth of the students through these programs. The University and college jointly spend appoximately Rs.1065000/- on these programs.

The Board of Students Development conducted following activities in this year.

College Level Programmes

  • Karmavir Bhaurao Patil Earn and Learn Scheme : August 2018 to Feb 2019
  • Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan : 02/02/2019, 05/02/2019, 11/02/2019
  • Awarness of Science : 15/02/2019 to 16/02/2019

Department Level Programme

  • Workshop on “How to apply to Foreign Universities” : 25/02/2019 to 26/02/2019 Chemistry
  • Workshop on Digital Journalism New : 28/02/2019 Journalism and New trends, Scopes and Future communication studies
  • Workshop on Eco friendly alternative for Plastic Bag-Paper bag making : 15/12/2018 B.B.A.(CA)
  • Workshop on Bonsai and Indoor Plant : 30/01/2019 Botany
  • Workshop on Python Language 14/02/2019 Computer Science

Activities like tree plantation, Yoga Day, Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, new voter registration campaign, voting awareness rally, services and facilities available to differently-abled students, introductory lecture on awareness about various types of scholarship available to students, CleanBaramatirally and survey, student council election, and participation in college and university level youth festivals were conducted as per guidelines of BSD, SPPU, Pune and information reports were submitted on time.

The annual IQAC Youth Festival was organized between 27th and 29thDecember, 2018. In this programme various activities, competitions and events were arranged for the students, and it saw tremendous participation from the students. All participants were awarded with certificate for each and every event. One remarkable activity undertaken by our students was the monetary contribution drive for Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. In this activity, students contribution was Rs.18541/- Teaching and support staff contribution came to Rs. 4925/- and contribution from departments like statistics, 3050/- botany Rs.3500/- computer sciences Rs. 2000/- and chemistry 9100/-. Our college added Rs.9884/- to this collection. The total amount of Rs. 51000/- was deposited in the bank account of Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

All these programs and activities were successfully organized and executed with the kind guidance and support of our Principal, Dr. Chandrashekhar Murumkar, the Vice Principals, IQAC Coordinator, all heads of departments, faculty members and the support staff who extended their cooperation for all student centric events.


Prof. Kardile V.V. – Chief Co-Ordinator & Programme officer
Prof. Kamble C.P. – Programme officer
Prof. Landge V.P. – Programme officer

National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) unit has been functioning in our college since its opening year 1971-72. Since its beginning it has been trying sincerely to meet the needs and requirements of students and peoples from different walks of life.

Valuable contribution of N.S.S. unit to our college and society is as follows:

  • Project of planting and cultivating thousands of trees to save the earth and ultimately to control pollution was undertaken by our unit.
  • Special assistance and co-operation was imported to organize blood donation camps to meet the demand of blood. Blood was supplied by our unit to the Military during India-Pakistan War during 1971-72.
  • Various festivals are being celebrated at remand home to create a feeling of domestic atmosphere for orphans from remand home at Baramati.
  • Considering the importance of libraries in villages and to motivate them to read, 300 books and 50 magazines were donated to a public library from the village named Gunawadi, Ta. Baramati, Dist. Pune.
  • Unused medicines are being collected from the people under the guidance of medical professionals and they are being supplied to the people who are poor and needy.
  • Activities like eradication of weed, bijamash pest control, construction of bunds for water conservation were carried out successfully by the volunteers of our unit to give relief,specially to the farmers during the periodfrom 1975 to 1977.
  • As there was a need of a school in the village of ‘Gojubavi’, Tal. Baramati, Dist. Pune our volunteers from unit gave their full co-operation by digging a foundation for the building and by laying down tiles to construct a fence for school premises.
  • To meet the needs and requirements of society, volunteers from our unit actively participated in different missions such as polioeradication, national integrity, maintaining harmony among the people during war, etc.
  • Special efforts were made by unit to inspire volunteers to participate in different activities by organizing training camps and workshops, female volunteers were trained to work as nurse and male volunteers were trained as police friends N.S.S. during ‘Ganesh Festival’.
  • Activities such as campaigning, rallies to control dowry disease (system), AIDS control mission and alcohol prohibition were organized by our unit.
  • Special efforts were made to raise funds to help affected peoples from natural calamities such as earthquake, flood and so on.


Mr. Bale V.A. – Co-Ordinator

National Cadet Corps (NCC) has its genesis in the ‘University Corps’ which was established under the Indian Defence Act, 1917 with the objective of making up the shortage of the army. The need to create a youth organization at national level and to train the young boys to be better citizen and future leaders of our great country in all walks of life including defense forces was rightly realized by our leaders. The motto of the NCC is ‘Unity and Discipline’ which was accepted on 23rd December, 1957. In light of the motto, the NCC strives to be and is one of the greatest cohesive forces of our nation, bringing together the youth hailing from different parts of our country and molding them into united, secular and disciplined citizens of our nation.

Nowadays NCC has the following aims:

  • To develop qualities of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship and selfless service among the youth to make them useful citizens.
  • To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of life, including the armed forces and be always available for the services of the nation.
  • To create a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in armed forces. The NCC does not act as the feeder of entry of cadets into the defense forces. However, it does encourage and assist cadets to do so should they be inclined. Keeping this in view, service training is conducted only to help in fulfilling the aims of developing character quality among our cadets and making them good leaders and useful citizens of our country. The NCC, therefore, trains cadets to take appropriate place in the society, in all walks of life and in service of the nation.

एन.सी.सी. छात्र प्रतिज्ञा मै प्रतिज्ञा करता हूँ कि , मै , सच्चाई और श्रद्धासे , अपने देशकी सेवा करुंगा तथा , नैशनल कॅडेट कोर के नियमो , और अधिनियमोंका पालन करुंगा | और अपने , कमांडिंग ऑफिसरके आदेशके अनुसार हर परेड व कॅम्पमें पूरि शक्तिके साथ सम्मिलित रहूंगा ||


Dr. Jadhav G. S. : HOD Sports Department

Baramati’s Anekant Education Society established the Arts, Science and Commerce College on 23rd June, 1962. A gymnasium was also established alongside in 1962, for which the college authorities made available 17 acres of land.

With the grant from the university and government, as well as a sizeable investment from the society, a huge playground was made ready. This included a track of 400 mtrs. for running, a volleyball court, a basketball court, football ground, and kabbaddi and khokho ground as well.

With an additional grant from the society a separate gymnasium building was constructed which housed the office, store room, NCC office and two halls. A separate building was also constructed with the intent of being as a gym.

A compound wall was been constructed around the playground. Several trees were also planted with a view of keeping the environment healthy. The gymnasium is fully equipped with the latest machinery required for running a gym. Various facilities for different sports are also provided at the gymnasium. This is done so that the students with varying interests can take full advantage of the facilities.

Since 1962 till 2009 the players representing our college have brought us many laurels at the university, national and state level. The college had organised an all-India university khokho and kabbaddi competition. District level competition were also organised by the college. This fully-equipped gymnasium has always been the college’s pride over these years.

Soft Skill Development

The programme is specially conducted for the rural students who are in their third year of B.A.,B.Com,B.Sc.,B.Sc(Computer Science),B.B.A. or B.B.A(C.A.) It helps to develop confidence, communication skill, discipline and transaction capacity in those who have a burning desire for future dreams. The ten days regular schedule from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon has been arranged since from last three years.

Topics Conducted:

  • Motivation
  • Positive attitude
  • Manners and Etiquettes
  • Creativity
  • C.V. Writing
  • Time Management
  • Presentation Skill
  • Career Councelling
  • Interview Skill
  • Confidence Development
  • Goal Setting
  • Secret of Success
  • Memory Development
  • Group Discussions and Mock Interviews.

Competitive Examination & Study Center

Dr. Patil S. K. – Co-Ordinator

Tuljaram Chaturchand College has realized that there is a general lack of awareness and there are a number of misconceptions concerning Civil Services Exam in the minds of not only the students and their parents but also with teachers and counselors.Due to this,the college has started The Competitive Examination Center. It was established with the collaboration of Unique Academy, Pune in July 2009.

Aims and Objective:

  • To provide guidance to the students who come from rural background for competitive exams.
  • Develop good administrators.
  • To create awareness among the students for various competitive exams.
  • Develop among them a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • To make them capable to face emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  • To incorporate National integration and social harmony.


  • Experienced staff.
  • Well established library facility.
  • Special coaching for higher secondary students.
  • Periodical unit test.
  • Participation certificate.


  • UPSC / MPSC foundation course.
  • Arrange Workshops.
  • Arrange Guest Lectures on various contemporary Social, Political, Economic and Environmental issues.

Dr. C. P. Kamble
Mob.- 9405559884

Employability & Career Hub

Mr. Kakde V.C. – Co-Ordinator

The college established a placement cell in 2006.Accordingly, the college organizes campus interviews of various industries as per their requirement as well as supplies the list of passing students to various industries. However, because of increased student strength and growing job opportunities, college authorities decided to establish a placement cell which will be fruitful in making job opportunities available to the students.

The placement officer is regularly in touch with various industries and organizations about their requirement, and he arranges campus interviews as per their convenience throughout the year.

The following industries have been conducting campus interviews regularly since 2006.

  • Alky Amines Chemicals Ltd.,Kurkumbh,Tal.Daund,Dist.Pune.
  • Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Ltd. Baramati.
  • Built Graphic Paper Product Ltd., Bhigwan, Tal. Indapur.
  • Bharat Forge, Baramati.

Apart from these, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt.Ltd., Mahindra Finance, AartiDrugs, Tarapur, Sudarshan Chemicals, Roha, Reliance Communication, Future Gold Consultancy Services, ICICI Prudential Insurance Company and 2 COMS Consulting Pvt.Ltd. (Pune) also frequently visit the college for their requirement.

The major achievement of the cell is that 52 students have selected and recruited directly in Bharat Forge, Pune and Baramati in the year 2007 of which 18 students are working there presently.



Prof. Torne B.R. – Co-Ordinator

The cultural department is one of the enthusiastic departments in the college. Every year many students perform and participate actively in various cultural activities, such as solo dance, group dance, instrumental music, painting, drama, elocution, debate, singing, etc. that are held at different colleges, institutions and universities, and they always come out with flying colours. The students of our college left their footprints in diverse events through the cultural department. Our students always grab the opportunity to express themselves and participate in various conferences and seminars.

Beside this,the cultural department also conducts courses such as kathak, guitar and singing throughout the year.

Mr. shubham kakade & group28th Sept. 2018SkitVps college of supe Tal .Baramati
Ms. Payal Agam & Group15th Oct 2018Folk / Tribal DanceSPPU Student Devolpment Center And Arts, science & commerce College, Indapur. Pune.First
Mr. Ritesh Salve & Mr. Hanumant Deokate
15th Oct 2018DebateSPPU Student Devolpment Center And Arts, science & commerce College, Indapur. Pune.First
Ms. Ritesh salve15th Oct 2018ElocutionSPPU Student Devolpment Center And Arts, science & commerce College, Indapur. Pune.First
Mr. Nikhil Khandale15th Oct 2018Spot PaintingSPPU Student Devolpment Center And Arts, science & commerce College, Indapur. Pune.First
Mr. Swapnil Divekar15th Oct 2018PhotographySPPU Student Devolpment Center And Arts, science & commerce College, Indapur. Pune.Second
Mr. Rahul Kakade & Group15th Oct 2018SkitSPPU Student Devolpment Center And Arts, science & commerce College, Indapur. Pune.Second
Mr. Nikhil Khandale15th Oct 2018CartooningSPPU Student Devolpment Center And Arts, science & commerce College, Indapur. Pune.First
Ms. Swati Kadu23rd Dec 2018Poetry ReadingSharad youth festival, indapur dist.puneFirst
Mr. Ritesh Salve23rd Dec 2018Poetry ReadingSharad youth festival, indapur dist.puneThird
Mr. Prasad Prabhune23rd Dec 2018Instrumental (Tabla)Sharad youth festival, indapur dist.puneSecond
Mr. Hanumant Deokate23rd Dec 2018ElocutionSharad youth festival, indapur dist.puneFirst
Ms. Sonali Ingole & Group23rd Dec 2018MimeSharad youth festival, indapur dist.pune.Third
Mr. Shivam Jadhav23rd Dec 2018SingingSharad youth festival, indapur dist.pune.First
Mr. Mayur Trimbake23rd Dec 2018Short FilmSharad youth festival, indapur dist.pune.Third
Ms. Samira Shah 13th Dec 2018ElocutionVPs, Arts, commerce and science college BaramatiSecond
Mr. Ritesh Salve18th Jan2019ElocutionAIMS, BaramatiFirst
Mr. Shivam Jadhav18th Jan2019SingingAIMS, BaramatiSecond
Ms. Samira Shah6th Jan 2019ElocutionShri. Bhausaheb Gandhi Pratisthan,SolapurSpecial Appreciation
Mr. Ritesh Salve31st Jan 2019ElocutionMudhoji college. Phaltan,SataraSpecial Appreciation
Mr. Ritesh Salve30th jan 2019ElocutionNarayanrao college, shrirampurThird
Mr. Shivam Jadhav25th Feb.2019SingingCumin’s college PuneFirst
Ms. Shrushti Ranaware23rd Nov 2018ElocutionE.S.Divekar Arts science and commerce college, Varvand Dist-PuneSpecial Appreciation
Ms. Rutuja Ingawale24th Dec. 2018Beauty contestMiss elica saundarya samratni,PuneFirst
Mr. Ritesh Salve19 jan 2019ElocutionArts science and commerce college, IndapurFirst

Korfball National sports:

our college organized national corfball national competition dated 5th Jan.2019 on this occasion 54 students were participated in cultural programme and all function choreographed by our college teacher Prof.Ganesh Upadhyay Special appreciation by all India korfball association, Secretary Ashok kumar from Rohtak, Haryana.

Microbiology international conference

Our college organized international conference dated 8th feb.2019 on this occasion 42 students were participated in cultural programme all function choreographed by our college teacher Prof. Ganesh Upadhyay. All the students and the microbiologist and teachers enjoyed a lot programme.

Youth Festival

On 15th Oct 2018 ‘Youth Festival’ organized by Board of Student Development, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune at Arts, Commerce & Science college, Indapur ( Pune). In this Youth Festival in different events Our College Students had participated in following events.

  • Ms. Rutuja Ingawale participated in solo dance.
  • Mr. Jaydeep Nimbalkar and group participated in group song.
  • Mr. Vinay Khochikar and group participated in folk orchestra.
  • Ms. Komal Raykar participated classical vocal & Harmonium solo.
  • Mr. Tejas Phalke participated in Vocal solo singing.

From above events, Folk/ Tribal dance, painting, cartooning, spot photography, skit, Debate &Elocution following students was selected University level competition.

Cultural activities 2018 – 2019

In 20th December our college participated in sharad yuva mohotsav at Indapur. We got seven prizes in this competition. Our college participated in ‘Youth Festival’ organized by Board of Student Development, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. In this Youth Festival in different events Our College Students had participated.

our college organized national korfball national competition dated 5th Jan.2019 on this occasion 54 students were participated in cultural programme and all function choreographed by our college teacher Prof.Ganesh Upadhyay Special appreciation by all India korfball association, Secretary Ashok kumar from Rohtak, Haryana.

In our College international Microbiology conference on 6th Feb. 2019, there were 35 students are participated in cultural program.Prof. Bhimrao Torne coordinated all the courses and events.

Youth Festival:

On 15th oct.2018 ‘Youth Festival’ organised by Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune and board of student development at Indapur Arts,Commeres & Science college, Indapur ( Pune). In this Youth Festival in different events Our College Students got prizes in following events:

  • Folk dance – first prize
  • One act play – second prize
  • Debate – first prize
  • Elocution – first prize
  • Photography – second prize
  • Painting – first prize
  • Cartooning – first prize

From above events Folk /Solo , Folk/ Tribal dance, One Act Play ,Debate &Elocution selected University level competition.


Commencement of the research center in the Department of Botnay Dated 18/08/2007 Ref-cc/3374.

List Of Students :

Name Of DepartmentName Of GuideName of StudentM.Sc./Ph. D.Research Topic Funding Agency
(If Any)
Contact Info.
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheMiss. Priyanka N NavgharePh.D.Studies on Microbial production of L- AsparginaseNApinksi.02@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheMrs. Nilima PendharkarPh.D.Studies on Bioremidation of pesticide contaminated soiNAnilimapendharkar@rediffmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheVishakha GanvirPh.D.Studies on Bioremidation of pesticide contaminated soil.NAGanvirvishakha512@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheMrs. Kiran KirdatPh.D.Understanding genomic factors associated with pathogenicity and transmission of 16rII group phytoplasmas, their taxonomy and insect vectorsUGCkirannkirdat@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. J. SatheAnjali Bhoite Ph.D.Standardization of Mixed fruit juice fermentation by yeast strains for preservation of phenolic and enhancement of nutritional qualityNAAnjali.bhoite@mitcft.edu.in
MicrobiologyDr. S. T. Pawar Mrs. A. Neelima DeviPh.D.Studies on metal interacting cyanobacteria and its applications in elevating the bioavailable zincin saline soNAneelima_rohit@rediffmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. S. T. Pawar Mrs. Manish Gorakh JadhavPh.D.Studies on antibiotic resistance of Acinetobacter baumanni isolated from clinical samplesNAmanish4feb@gmail.com
9403018467/ 9028421354
MicrobiologyDr. S. T. Pawar Mrs. Suman Dattatraya JadhavPh.D.Studies on antibiotic resistance of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from clinical samples.NAsumanlokhande1010@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. Snehal AgnihotriRandive Vaishali SanjayPh.D.Bioprospectives of rhizosphere microflora from endemic plant species for sustainable agriculture.NAshitolevn@gmail.com
MicrobiologyDr. Snehal AgnihotriMrs. Salunkhe Archana RangraoPh.D.Isolation and identification of potential microbial strains for degradation of municipal soil wasteNAarchana.jadhav93@yahoo.com
MicrobiologyDr. Snehal AgnihotriMrs. Singh Laxmi ShivmurtiPh.D.Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and exploring their application in medical microbiologyNAsinghlaxmi777@gmil.com
MicrobiologyDr. Snehal AgnihotriMrs. Hingane Neeta NivruttiPh.D.Effect of Indigenous algal extract and cell polymerization and venom neutralizationNAnnh.jscopr@gmail.com
ChemistryDr. Dilip R. ThubeSanjay R. kalePh.D.Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications of inner transition metal doped Y2O3 phospher materialsNAkalesanjay29@gmail.com
ChemistryDr. Dilip R. ThubeVaibhav P. LandagePh.D.Synthesis and biological screening of thiazole anchored azoles and chromones.NAvplandage@gmail.com
ChemistryDr.Sudesh ManjareShrikrushna T. SalunkePh.D.Synthesis and Characterisation of BODIPY based near IR molecular probesNAstsalunke@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Shashikant Jagannath ChavanWadavkar Dadasaheb ShivajiPh.D.Physiological studies of some mosses and their application on seed germination of semi arid crops.NAwadavkaryash@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Shashikant Jagannath ChavanMulay Abasaheb VinayakPh.D.Studies on biological activities in some mosses: isolation and characterization of some metabolitesNAabamulay@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Chandrashekhar Vasantrao MurumkarJagtap Dattatray KundalikPh.D.Eco-physiological studies in Cassia auriculata Linn.NAjdattak@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Mahadev Bhimappa KanadeMujawar Illahi IsmaiPh.D.Investigation of Allelopathic potential of Pascalia glauca Ortega.NAmilahi10@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Mahadev Bhimappa KanadeYemul Nageshwar BhikshapatiPh.D.Studies in Aphyllophorales of Ratnagiri District (M.S.).NAyemulnageshb@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Mahadev Bhimappa KanadWagh Sujit HanumantPh.D.Studies on Powdery Mildew Fungi of Pune District (M.S.)NAshwagh96@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Ajit Bhimrao TelaveJadhav Somnath MadhukarPh.D.Ecological studies on Mangrove Habitat of Rajpuri Creek in Raigad District of Maharashtra.NAjadhavsomnath555@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Ajit Bhimrao TelaveBhise Damaji ShankarPh.D.Studies on Xylocarpus granatum Koenig from the Coast of Maharashtra (India): With special reference to Ecology, Phytogeography and Restoration.NAdamajibhise1982@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Bharat P. ShindeKamble Swapnil DilipPh.D.Studies on diversity of AM Fungi associated with common plants from Western Ghats of Maharashtra.NAsdkamble999@gmail.com
BotanyDr. Bharat P. ShindeRoylawar Praveen BaliramPh.D.Physiological and Molecular Characterization of defense responses in Onion against Fungal Pathogen.NApraveenroylawar7@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. A. E. KalangeKakade Sandip BhimraoPh.D.Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Oxide thin Film for Gas Sensing ApplicationNAkakadesandipphy@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. A. E. KalangeThorat Sopan MurlidharPh.D.Physical and Chemical properties of Bismuth FerritesNASopan.karjat2011@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. R. D. KaleKamble Ashok ManoharPh.D.Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Oxide based composites for Gas Sensor ApplicationNAKambleashok625@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. R. J. DeokateBulakhe Suraj ChandrabhanPh.D.Studies on Transition Metal Oxide Thin Films for Water Splitting ApplicationNAbulakesr@gmail.com
PhysicsDr. S. B. KulkarniPatil Pratik AshokProject FellowTwo Dimensional Transition Metal Sulfides Co-Ni Layered Double Hydroxied composites as Highly Efficient Supercapacitor ElectrodesScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Scheme ECR/2017/002820, DST (Govt. of India)patilpratik8909@gmail.com