Tuljaram Chaturchand College

Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Baramati.

Autonomous | Religious Minority Institute

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

College With Potential For Excellence (CPE)

Re-Accredited by NAAC 'A+' Grade (CGPA 3.55)

ISO 9001-2015


Star College

About Us

Tuljaram Chaturchand College, in Pune district, is one of the oldest and the most premier higher education institutions at Baramati in India. Students who have completed their junior college in arts, science and commerce are eligible to pursue further streams by opting for a graduation as well as post-grad degree.

Spread over forty acres of verdant surroundings, the place creates the perfect environment for the over 6000 students that arrive at the college with their dreams. The college takes care of all their academic needs through the latest academic knowledge, competent and committed teaching staff, dedicated and helpful administrative staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

A part of the Anekant Education Society established in 1961, the college carries forward the rich legacy of education, skills and excellence in all fields, and has become the launch pad for several aspiring students who have gone on to promising careers and excelled in all walks of life.


To impart career-oriented quality education at par with global standard across all fields of academic and research. We will do this by developing various skills of excellence and through inculcation of moral values in the youth with a view to make them responsible citizens of India.


To contribute to nation building by continually empowering the youth through educational and vocational programmes, and inculcating culture by maintaining a multidimensional, holistic approach to life in them


Establishing a life style, which appropriately respects individual freedom and diverse opinions as well for the welfare of entire humanity, is essential. The aim of this institution, therefore is to make sensible citizens realizing the very nature of life and practicing and promoting the highly noble, coordinating and holistic multidimensionalism ( ANEKANTWAD )

Secretary’s Message

Anekant Education Society was established in 1961 to provide students with an avenue for higher studies. Late Fulchandji Gandhi laid the foundation stone of the society and later Late LalchandHirachand, Late JambukumarChandulal Shah (Saraf) and Late Shashikant Shah (Lengarekar) all held the esteemed position of being the Chairmanship of the Society.

I am happy to communicate to all that TuljaramChaturchand College of Arts, Science & Commerce began its journey in 1962 with 119 students. Today it catersto more than 14000 students in different faculties and courses.

We are aware that Indian society is changing its shape rapidly asit faces globalization. This is putting more pressure on higher education but also creating several new avenues of opportunities for our students. Our society has taken upon itself the task by accepting this challenge and is now running several professional and vocational courses along with our regular Under-graduate and Post-graduate programmes. It is our pleasure to announce that the college has received NAAC ‘A +’ grade at its third cycle of reaccreditation and recently also achieved an ‘Autonomous Status’ from UGC. This has given us a new platform of academic freedom to tune our syllabi with the current requirements of the industry and society as well.

I am sure that the students of the current and future generationswill now be competent to face new challenges and also be ready to grab all the opportunities that come their way. Surely, this will lead to shaping a new vibrant India.

I wish all the success to my fellow students.

Jawahar Motilal Shah (Wagholikar)

Governing Council

Mr. Arahatdas Hirachand Shaha (Saraf)President
Mr. Jawahar Motilal Shah (Wagholikar)Secretary
Mr. Sunil Shivlal Shaha (Lengrekar)Treasurer
Mr. Rajkumar Tuljaram Shah (Wagholikar)Member
Mr. Chakor Nalinchandra GandhiMember
Mr. Subhash Maniklal Shah (Wagholikar)Member
Mr. Milind Rajkumar Shah (Wagholikar)Member
Mr. Dr. Subhash Baburao AdadandeMember
Mr. Padmakar Paigonda PatilMember
Mr. Vikas Shashikant Shaha (Lengrekar)Member
Mr. Chandravadan Vidyachandra Shaha (Mumbaikar)Member
Mr. Dr. Mahavir Rayappa AkkoleMember
Mr. Dr. Dhavalkumar Shamgonda PatilMember
Mr. Ashok Surendra ShirguppeMember
Mr. Jineshwar Bhau DattavadeMember

Local Committe

Mr. Arahatdas Hirachand Shaha (Saraf)President
Mr. Chandrashekhar Vasantrao Murumkar (Principal)Secretary
Mr. Jawahar Motilal Shah (Wagholikar)Member Secretary
Mr. Sunil Shivlal Shaha (Lengrekar)Member Treasurer
Mr. Milind Rajkumar Shah (Wagholikar)Member
Mr. Dr. Rajkumar Khushalchand ChhajedMember
Mr. Rambhau Kakasaheb KhadeTeacher, Representative Member
Mr. Avinash Shrirangrao JagtapTeacher, Representative Member
Mr. Dr. Sandip Sambhaji TardalkarTeacher, Representative Member
Mr. Dnaneshwar Pandurang LingeNon-Teaching, Representative Member

Local Managing Committee

Mr. Arhatdas Hirachand Shaha (Saraf)President
Mr. Jawahar Motilal Shah (Wagholikar)Secretary
Mr. Sunil Shivlal ShahaTreasurer
Mr. Milind Rajkumar ShahMember
Mr. Dr. Rajkumar Khushalchand ChhajedMember
Mr. Vikas Shashikant ShahaMember
Mr. Chandravadan Vidyachand ShahaMember
Mr. Dr. Rajendra Maniklal MuthaMember
Mr. Rahul Javahar ShahMember
Mr. Vidyutkumar Manikchand ShahMember
Mr. Tukaram (Madanrao) Tanaji DeokatePDCC Bank Representative

Research Advisory Committee


Mr. Arahatdas Shah SarafPresident
Mr. Jawahar Shah WagholikarSecretery
Mr. Milind Shah WagholikarMember
Mr. Vikas Shah LegarekarMember

Members Of Research Committee

Dr. C.V. Murumkar Principal & Convener, CIARChairman
Prof. Dr. S.H. Pawar, Director, CIAR BaramatiSecretery
Dr. R. R. Kumbhar, Principal Jaysingpur CollegeMember
Dr. S. J. Sathe, Vice-Principal T.C.College, BaramatiMember
Dr. N. P. Singh, Director, ICAR-NIASM, Malegaon, BaramatiMember
Dr. Ashok Deshpande, Director Niramay Medical Research Institute, BaramatiMember
Prof. Dr. S. D. Dhole, Head Dept.Comp.Sci. SPPU ,PuneMember
Dr. R. K. Singh, Head, Media Division BARC, MumbaiMember
Dr. P. Poddar, Senior Scientist CSIR-NCL, PuneMember
Dr. P. K. Dhakephalkar, Director ARI, PuneMember
Dr. C.D. Lokhande, Director, CIR D.Y. Patil University, Kolhapur
Dr. Himanshu Gadgil, CEO, Enzene Biosciences Ltd. PuneMember
Dr. Yogendra Dixit, Ex-Scientist, ISROMember
Dr. P.S. Patil, Director, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Department,
Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Dr. S.D. Nawale, Principal NB Nawale Sinhgad Engineering Institute, SolapurMember

Principal’s Message

Welcome friends,

It was in 1962 that this college started its journey with a vision to impart its students with career-oriented, quality education at par with global standards. This was done by developing various skills and inculcating moral values among the youth to make them responsible citizens of India.

The 21st century is dominated by the youth from India and they have conquered almost every field, overcoming challenges and taking every opportunity. Our college has joined the ranks of colleges entrusted with this Herculean task of preparing the youth for this world. We have done that by pacing ahead towards a future in academics, research and also extension activities. What the generation of today expects is not merely a download of information but rather a curriculum of confidence building, courage, support and a value-based approach to become vibrant citizens of modern society.

With the motto of ‘Siddhiranekantat’, we are striving to contribute to the nation-building ideals by empowering youth through education.All of us, the fraternity of TC Pariwar, are committed to give these bright students our best in the field of knowledge, skills and service.

I can see that the college is stretching its horizon of success daily by offering students modern technological support to nurture today’s youth. The students passing out every year have proved that our goal is not just a dream or a vision, but rather it is the rising sun of hope of tomorrow.

Dr. Chandrashekhar Murumkar

Office Automization

College has developed office automization software through Computer Science Department. These software are used in the daily working of the college office, which helps in to work smoothly, efficiently. The college office is equipped with 30 Thin Client and 5 standa lone desktops, 2 Laser printers, 4 Dot Matrix Printers, Fax Machine, 1 Network Printer, 1 Xerox machine & 1 Laptop are also available in the offices of Principal, Vice Principals, College Library, Computer Lab, Teachers common room, Reading hall and are connected to the college office by LAN. Internet facility in the office & college campus is one of the unique features of our college.

General / Admission Section

Bonafide certificates are issued within 10 to 15 minutes.
Transfer / Leaving certificates are issued with in 4 to 8 days. Railway / Bus / ST / Air concessions are issued within 15 to 30 minutes.
Certification of true copies of documents is given immediately.
Transcripts are made available within an hour or two.
Computerized admission procedure is adopted since 2003-04 which helps college office to complete admission procedure of 120 students within 2 hours and to generate various types of reports such as:

  • Fee receipt
  • Fee register
  • Itemwise daily fee collection
  • General register
  • Class wise & subject wise roll calls
  • Residential addresses of students & guardians
  • Classwise gender / Categorywise admission status.
  • Concession in Tuition, Admission, Gymkhana, Library fees at the time of admission to the wards of Economical Backward Class, Ex-Serviceman, Service personnel, Primary & Secondary School Teachers.
  • Endowment Scholarships in cash are awarded to the meritorious students on annual day function.
  • Issue Caste Validity proposals to government.

Daily Accounting System

College has a licensed copy of Tally 7.2 version, Shikshan Kranti & Girish Computers Software. These packages of accountings are used by us. Day to day entries such as Receipts, Payments, Contra and Journal recordings are made and this helps us to generate following types of reports –

  • Daily cash book
  • Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Receipts and Payments A/c
  • Income and Expenditure A/c
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Salary Grant Reconciliation

Monthly Salary System

Girish Computers Software & Microsoft Excel are used for payment of monthly Salary to the members of Teaching and Non- Teaching Staff. This helps us to generate following types of Reports.

  • Monthly Salary Bill
  • Bank Advice
  • List of Deductions monthly and yearly made such as:
    1. Government Provident Fund. (Monthly subscription and Loan Recovery)
    2. Profession Tax
    3. Income Tax
    4. Monthly subscription and loan recovery of Employee Credit Co-op Credit Society
    5. Monthly subscription and credit recovery of Student Co-op consumer store.
    6. LIC Premiums
    7. GSLI Premiums
  • Pay Slip
  • Individual Yearly Salary Register
  • Form No. 16 (Certificate u/s203 of Income Tax Act 1961)
  • Form No. 24 (Annual return of salaries u/s 206 of I.T. Act 1961)
  • G.P.F. Yearly slips

Scholarship / Free ship Section

Concessions in fees are given to the students at the time of admission that belongs to SC/ST/DTNT/OBC/ SBC categories.
Payment of maintenance allowances are credited the saving bank accounts of students belonging to the SC/ST/DTNT/OBC/ SBC categories.

Examination Section

Procedure of verification, accepting examination fees & preparation of statement of 120 students who have filled in their examination forms is completed within 2 hours.
Checking & acceptance of fees from students for verification of marks & revaluation of answer books is done within 10 minutes.
Distribution of mark sheets to 600/1200/1800 students is done with in 1 hour from the time of declaration of result.

Relation with the students community

The administrative staff is courteous by behavior and has maintained healthy relations with the student’s community.

Students involved in the office work

Those students who are needy and deserve encouragement are allowed to work in the college office under “Earn and Learn Scheme“

Work Distribution

Mr. Shah A.B. ( Registrar )

  • The Registrar shall regulate the work and Conduct of the staff in accordance with the Act, Statutes, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations. It shall be the duty of the Registrar to assess and evaluate the performance of Non-Teaching employees and section and take such measures as he deems fit to regularize and to improve the working of the College.
  • Collection and Sanctioned of Leave application of Non-teaching staff
  • Staff Approval Sr. College.
  • To maintained Confidential reports of non-teaching staff.
  • Advisor for office administration for smooth flow.

Mr. Bhosale V.S. ( Office Superintendent )

  • The Superintendent shall be in-charge of the college office and shall be personally responsible for the smooth conduct and working, for the allotment of work to his subordinates who shall be directly responsible to him with the prior approval of Registrar.
  • College affiliation, daily checking of cash book.
  • Maintenance of record of statistical report required for Government and University.
  • Selection committee work.

Miss. Birbale S.S. ( Head Clerk )

  • Writing of daily cash book and ledger book of UGC account.
  • Preparation of the utilization certificates required for grants from universities, UGC land other funding agencies.
  • Preparation of Audit statement and maintain accounts and get them audited (Jt. Director, Senior Auditor and A.G.)

Mrs. Sangai S.M. ( Jr. Stenographer )

  • Prepare drafts of meting and correspondence of routine nature.
  • Maintain the confidential and other file as per requirement.
  • Sort out the mail and dispatch it promptly to relevant section.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality and integrity in respect of the work assigned to him.
  • Assist of Principal for their personal correspondence.

Establishment Section

Senior Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

Mr. Bhosale V.S. (OS), Mr. Burse S.A., Mr. Shah S.B.

  • Appointment for the Sr.College Teacher and Non-teaching staff maintains of proper Record related work.
  • Sr. College teachers Work load
  • After retirement cases of Pension, Family Pension, Retirement Gratuity & death Gratuity.
  • New Pension Scheme, Various Pay Fixation, Various types of Nomination forms.
  • Service Books – Fresh-Duplicate-Modification/Fresh.
  • Salary Increment enter to the Service Books.
  • To prepare the Seniority List.
  • Posts of Non-teaching staff to be fixed as per strength of students.
  • To submit the information for promotions, newly recruited staff to society.
  • To do the work as per the decision takes in the meeting of L.M.C. & Management Committee.
  • To collect the various books regarding-appointments, pay fixations, retirements, G.P.F.,D.C.P.S. Various leaves, Newly Pension Schemes.
  • To update various types of nominations for pension, G.P.F., Gratuity.
  • To observe and to file the work of confidential Report of Non-teaching staff at the end of Academic year.
  • To do the work and obey the order as per Institution of Registrar, Vice-Principal and Principal.

Account Section [A]

Mr.G.N.Tate, Mr.A.S.Patil

  • To writes various books of accounts such as Daily cash Book of Sr. College, Banks books of Sr. College, UGC cash book bank book & other cash/Bank Book
  • To ensure filling of Vouchers & Papers.
  • To prepare various returns.
  • To prepare bills for payments
  • To report to the Accountant about any mistake noticed by him in books of accounts.
  • To attend to such other work as may be assigned to him with the approval of the Accountant from time to time.
  • To maintain books of accounts, payment registers and funds periodic accounts of expenditure.
  • To attend to all the matters pertaining to deduction of TDS.
  • To attend to routine correspondence with bank and other Departments.
  • To prepare bank reconciliation statement and budget.
  • To pass the bill and make payments by cheque (Sr. College) Grantable and self funded courses.
  • Maintain cheque Inward & Outward registers
  • Make Remittance of bill & distribute cheques.
  • To fill demand draft slips and send to the bank.
  • Daily wages staff payments.
  • To pass the above advance Expenditure.
  • Any other work assigned time to time by the seniors.
  • Preparation of University exam audit statement.

Account (Fee) Section [C]

Mr.R.D.Metha, Mr. R.G.Dhotre, Mrs.A.U.Thombare

  • Maintenance of Daily fee register for self funded course Sr. college.
  • Make fee dues statement of students.
  • Maintain individual fee register.

Salary Section

(Senior College Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff)

Mr. M. V. Beldar

  • To prepare Senior College Pay sheets per month.
  • To prepare difference bills of salary due in case of Ph.D., Sr.Scale, CAS New Appointment etc.
  • To prepare accordingly 4 months, 8 months, 11 months and annual budget of the current year.
  • To prepare Individual salary payment register of teaching & non-teaching employees.
  • Issue monthly Pay slips to all employees.
  • To prepare monthly and annually salary grant statements.
  • To prepare other grant statements related to salary grants of staff.
  • To prepare Annual salary register to teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • All types of work regarding Income Tax calculation of all staff.
  • To prepare G.P.F. Yearly slips.
  • To prepare all Non-grant courses consolidated and CHB paysheets per month.
  • To prepare Group Insurance Scheme claim.
  • Daily Cash Book of salary payment A/c.
  • To maintain Online EPF Account.

Student Services Section (Senior College)

Mrs. S.Y.Jadhav, Mr.A.M.Solankar

  • The Admit the Students who wish to take Admission in the Senior College in accordance online systems with the rules and regulations of the college, the University as well as the Government.
  • To arrange the medical checkup camp for all those students who are admitted to the first year graduation and post graduation.
  • To guide the students in completing the Online Eligibility process.
  • Making them available the attested documents for Railway/Bus/S.T. Concession. Prepare the Bonafide Certificate.
  • To prepare the students register and to update the old student register.
  • Apart from the above the student service section looks after all other necessary duties ordered by the Seniors form time to time.

Senior College University Examination Section

Mr.S.D.Deokar, Mr.M.A.Shaikh, Mr.P.B.Bhandwalkar

  • All information about University Examinations.
  • After admission to guide the students filling the Annual/Semester/ Internal/Term End Examination forms.
  • Distribution of University Hall ticket before examination.
  • Distribution of University Mark List after declaration of University result.
  • Convenient guidance in getting the Degree Certificates (Convocation).
  • To guide the students for University Examination process.
  • Convenient guidance in Revolution and Verification and Photocopy of Answer books.
  • To prepare the First Attempt Certificate.
  • To send the Internal marks to University before University theory examination.
  • To Convenient guidance in getting the Duplicate mark lists, Passing certificates from University examination department.
  • To send the Term End Marks/ Environmental Science Exam. Grade to University before University theory examination.
  • Help in the process of the change in name.
  • Apart form the above, we provide the students service section to look after all other necessary duties, ordered by the Senior form time to time.

Scholarship/Freeship Section

Mr.A.M.Solankar, Smt.N.S.Shinde

  • Senior College (Grantable/Non-Grantable) – EBC/PTF/STF/FEG/ Def.Ex. Service person concession’s work.
  • Scholarship for Open, Low income group, Boys & Girls – Like National Merit, EBC Merit, Kranti Jyoti, Hindi Scholarship, Lower Income Group – Bright Students, Eklavya – Post Graduate students.
  • B.C. Scholarship / Freeship – ST/SC/NT/OBC Senior College, State and other states.
  • To solve the students difficulties, fulfill demands / requirements, as early as possible.
  • To obey seniors order, work under their supervision, complete it within time.

Inward/Outward & Leave Section

Mr.G.M. Zurunge

  • Inward / Outward Section
  • Record of Leave Sanction Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff.
  • Issue of relieving letters and other related work.


NameEmail-IdContact NumberCategory
Shri. Arahatdas Shaha (Saraf)nitishshah000@gmail.com9921861625Management
Shri. Jawahar Shah (Wagholikar)jawaharbrothers@yahoo.com

Shri. Milind Shah (Wagholikarmilindshah46@gmail.com9922967840Management
Shri. Vikas Shah (Lengrekar)lengarekarvikas@gmail.com9422005869Management
Dr. Rajkumar Chhajed 9370709040Management
Dr. Shivaji Sathesathe_sj@yahoo.com9423579235Teachers of the College
Dr. Avinash Jagtapavinash.jagtap65@gmail.com9822992210Teachers of the College
Dr. Shivaji H. Pawarshpawar1946@gmail.com 9423251465Educationist or Industrialist
Representative UGC nominee
RepresentativeState Government nominee
Dr. Deepak Manedirectorsports@unipune.ac.in9422796644 University nominee
Dr. Chandrashekhar Murumkar,

The PrincipalDr. Chandrashekhar MurumkarChairman
Dr. Ranjana NemadeMarathi
Dr. Pradeep SaravadeHindi
Dr. Ajay DhawaleEnglish
Dr. Hanumant PhatakPolitical Science
Dr. Samadhan PatilEconomics
Dr. Sandip TardalkarHistory
Mr. Vinayak LashkarSociology
Dr. Vijaykumar ShindePsychology & Yoga
Dr. Asaram JadhavGeography
Mr. Pushkar EkboteDefence studies
Dr. Chandrashekhar MurumkarBotany
Dr. Ravindrakumar KudaleZoology
Mr. Sanjay KaleChemistry
Dr. Maruti KokarePhysics
Dr. Avinash JagtapStatistics
Dr. Shivaji SatheMicrobiology
Dr. Jagdish DeshpandeElectronic Science
Mr. Sadashiv PuranikMathematics
Mr. Upendra ChoudhariComputer Science
Dr. Niranjan ShahAccounting & Taxation
Mr. Vivek BaleCost & Management Accounting
Mr. Mahendra SalveMarketing
Dr. Janardhan PawarBusiness Administration & Law
Mrs. Madhuri SehgalLogistics Management
Dr. Megha BadveInternational Business
Mrs. Pooja Vhora Financial Markets & Portfolio Mang.
Smt. Sudha PatilBBA (Computer Application)
Smt. Dipali AnpatBBA
Dr. Wajid KhanFood Processing & Dairy Technology
Mr. Ranjit PanditJournalism & Mass Communication
Mr. Mahesh PhuleRetail Management
Mr. Deepak MunguskarB.Lib.I.Sci.
Mr. Gautam JadhavPhysical Education
Four teachers of the college
representing different categories
of teaching staff
Dr. Ashok Kalange
Dr. Bhagawan Mali
Dr. Sachin Gadekar
Dr. Seema Naik-Gosavi
Four Experts from outside the college
representing such areas as
Industry, Commerce, Law, Education,
Medicine, Engineering etc.,
nominated by the Governing Body
Mr. Prashant Raut, Industrialist
Dr. Yogendra Dixit, Educationalist
Dr. Ashok Deshpande, Medicine
Mr. Prashant Durugkar, Industrialist
Three nominees of the UniversityDr. Avinash Kumbhar
Dr. Mahendra More
Dr. Manohar Jadhav
A faculty member nominated
by the Principal (Member Secretary)
Dr. Ajit Telave

Dr. Chandrashekhar Murumkar (Chairman)The Principal (Chairman)
Mr. Abhinandan ShahOne person to be nominated by the Governing Body of the college for a period of two years
Mr. Atul PatankarFinance Officer of Affiliating University
(Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune)
Dr. Niranjan ShahTeacher of the college to be nominated by the Principal
Mr. Vikas Shah (Lengrekar)Invitee Member
Mr. Gurunath TateInvitee Member

Dr. Chandrashekhar Murumkar
Dr. Jagdish Deshpande Controller of Examination
Dr. Sandip TardalkarDeputy Controller of Examination
Mr. Sadashiv Puranik Deputy Controller of Examination
Mr. Sanjay Kale (PG - Science) Teacher Coordinator
Dr. Ranjana Nemade (PG - Arts) Teacher Coordinator
Dr. Megha Badve (PG-Commerce)Teacher Coordinator
Dr. Wajid Khan (B.Voc.)Teacher Coordinator
Mr. Shivaji GawadeEvaluation
Mr. Abhinandan Shah Invitee

Dr. Chandrashekhar MurumkarDirector
Dr. Jagdish DeshpandeController of Examination
Mr. Sadashiv Puranik Deputy Controller of Examination
Mr. Shivaji GawadeCoordinator (Evaluation)
Mr. Sadashiv PuranikDeputy Controller & Coordinator
(UG- Science)
Mr. Upendra Choudhari Member (UG- Science)
Mr. Sanjay KaleCoordinator (PG-Science)
Dr. Vitthal NaleMember (PG-Science)
Dr. Sandeep TardalkarDeputy Controller & Coordinator
Dr. Hanumant PhatakMember (UG-Arts)
Dr. Ranjana NemadeCoordinator (PG-Arts)
Dr. Ajay DhawaleMember (PG-Arts)
Dr. Janardhan PawarCoordinator (UG-Commerce)
Dr. Niranjan ShahMember (UG-Commerce)
Dr. Megha BadveCoordinator (PG-Commerce)
Mr. Vivek BaleMember (PG-Commerce)
Dr. Wajid KhanCoordinator (B.Voc. & Lib Sci)
Mr. Jay RaneMember (B.Voc. & Lib Sci)
Mr. Abhinandan Shah Member (Registrar)
Mr. Santosh DeokarMember

Dr. Chandrashekhar MurumkarChairman
Shri. Milind Shah (Wagholikar) Management Member
Dr. Shivaji Sathe Coordinator
Dr. Avinash Jagtap
Dr. Ajit Telave
Dr. Sachin Gadekar
Mr. Sanjay Kale
Dr. Jagdish Deshpande
Dr. Ashok Kalange
Mr. Shivaji Gawade
Dr. Ranjana Nemade
Dr. Sandip Tardalkar
Mr. Sadashiv Puranik
Dr. Hanumant Phatak
Dr. Samadhan Patil
Dr. Mahadev Kanade
Dr. Vitthal Nale
Mr. Gautam Jadhav
Dr. Janardhan Pawar
Dr. Wajid Khan

Prin. Dr. Chandrashekhar MurumkarChairman & Convener
Dr. Shivaji Sathe Co-Convener
Dr. Avinash Jagtap Coordinator
Dr. Ajit Telave
Dr. Sachin Gadekar
Dr. Jagdish Deshpande
Dr. Ranjana Nemade
Dr. Sandip Tardalkar
Dr. Samadhan Patil
Mr. Upendra Choudhari
Dr. Ajay Dhavale
Dr. Janardhan Pawar
Dr. Niranjan Shah

Prin. Dr. Chandrashekhar MurumkarChairman
Dr. Shivaji Sathe
Dr. Avinash Jagtap
Dr. Ajit Telave
Dr. Sachin Gadekar
Dr. Janardhan Pawar
Dr. Mrs. Seema Naik-Gosavi
Dr. Neeta Dhane

Dr. Ajay DhawaleArts
Dr. Chandrakant KambleArts
Dr. Shashank ManeArts
Dr. Vijaykumar ShindeArts
Dr. Hanumant PhatakArts
Dr. Asaram JadhavArts
Mr. Sunil LokhandeArts
Mrs. Mukta Ambhere Arts
Mr. Vinayak LashkarArts
Mr. Vilas T. YelpaleScience
Dr. Sachin KulkarniScience
Dr. Mahadeo KanadeScience
Mr. Ravikirnamrut GandhiScience
Dr. Sunil PawarScience
Dr. Neeta DhaneScience
Mr. Sandip ChordiyaScience
Miss. Varsha ShindeScience
Mr. Mahendra SalveCommerce
Dr. Niranjan ShahCommerce
Dr. Megha BadaveCommerce
Mr. Abhijit Mankar Computer Science
Mr. Vishal ShahComputer Science
Mrs. Prajakta KulkarniComputer Science
Mrs. Dipali AnpatBBA
Mrs. Sudha Deshmukh BBA (CA)
Dr. Wajid Khan B. Voc.
Mr. Jay RaneB. Voc.
Mr. Mahesh PhuleB. Voc.
Mr. Pranit GaikwadB. Voc.
Mr. Dipak Munguskar B. Lib. I. Sci.

Dr. Chandrashekhar Murumkar Chairman
Mr. Amar Kulkarni Secretary
Dr. Shivaji SatheMember
Dr. Avinash JagtapMember
Dr. Ajit TelaveMember
Dr. Sachin GadekarMember
Dr. Milind GajbhiyeCDC Member
Dr. Janardhan PawarCDC Member
Dr. Mrs. Seema NaikCDC Member
Mr. Abhinandan ShahMember
Mr. Dnyaneshwar Linge Member
Mr. Amol PatilCDC Member
Mrs. Sushma Sanghai Member

Dr. Chandrashekhar Murumkar Chairman
Mr. Milind ShahManagement Member
Mr. Sanjay KaleMember Secretary
Dr. Mrs. Seema Naik - Gosavi
Mr. Vilas Kardile
Dr. Vivek Bale

Dr. Ranjana NemadeChairman
Dr. Yogini Mulay
Dr. Rupali Chitale
Mrs. Sushma Sangai
Mrs. Sangita Jadhav

Dr. Sachin GadekarChairman
Mr. Sanajay Kale Student Development Officer
Mr. Vaibhav Landage NSS
Dr. Niranjan Shah Environmental Awareness
Mr. Vinayak Lashkar Bahishal Shikshan Mandal
Dr. Seema Naik-Gosavi Anekant yearly magazine
Dr. Sachin Gadekar TCC Chronicle
Marathi Department Kavi Moropant Elocution Debate Competition
Mr. Gautam Jadhav Blood Donation
Mr. Bhimrao ToraneCultural
Mrs. Mukta AmbhereAsmita Wall Paper
Dr. Shashank ManeFilm Club
Dr. Sandip Tapkir Book Lovers Club

Dr. Ajit Telave Chairman
Dr. Milind Gajbhiye
Mr. Krushna Kulkarni
Dr. Arun Magar
Dr. Ramchandra Sapkal
Dr. Niranjan Shah
Dr. Megha Badave

Shri. Jawahar Shah (Wagholikar)President
Shri. Milind Shah (Wagholikar) Vice-President
Dr.Chandrashekhar Murumkar Convener
Shri. Vikas Shah (Lengarekar)
Shri. Yogendra Dixit
Shri. Prashant Raut
Dr. Ashok Deshpande
Dr. Shivaji Sathe
Dr. Avinash Jagtap
Dr. Ajit Telave
Dr. Sachin Gadekar
Dr. Yogesh Indulkar
Dr. Sachin Kulkarni
Dr. Janardhan Pawar
Dr. Samadhan Patil
Dr. Wajid Khan
Mr. Shrikrushna Salunke
Dr. Seema Naik-Gosavi
Dr. Yogini Mulay
Mr. Sadashiv Puranik
Dr. Hanumant Phatak
Dr. Ramchandra Sapkal
Dr. Shashank Mane
Dr. Vitthal Nale
Mr. Upendra Choudhari
Mr. Vinayak Laskhar
Dr. Rahul Bhondave
Mrs. Dipali Anpat
Dr. Shivaji Pawar CIAR, Invitee
Representative of NIASM Invitee
Representative of NARIInvitee

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1) Rahul Kakade
2) Abhpsya Dash

Collaborations and MoU’s

  • Agricultural and Research Training Institute (ARTI), Phaltan, Dist. Satara – Research on energy conservation
  • National Institute for Abiotic Stress Management (NIASM) Malegaon, Dist. Pune Research on the effect of abiotic Stress on agricultural crops and animals.
  • National Research Centre on Pomegranate (NRCP) Solapur
  • Nimkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Phaltan, Dist. Satara–Research on Biomass of Prosopis, Cross breeding of goats.
  • Real Dairy Industry Ltd., MIDC, Baramati.
  • Niramay Medical Research Foundation, Baramati
  • Yashaswi Institute of Skill Development, Pune.
  • Agricultural Development Trust, Shardanagar, Baramati
  • Nature Friends Organization, Baramati
  • College of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Technology (CAEPHT) Central Agricultural University, Ranipool, Gangtok, Sikkim
  • Sunder Sikkim Pvt.Ltd., RanipoolGangtok
  • Guitar Training Academy, Baramati
  • Photography Academy, Baramati
  • Katthak Academy, Baramati
  • Medley Burgh School of Cultures and Languages, Pune
  • Globil’sAgri and Food Enterprise, Srinagar
  • Implant Media Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  • Digi Roister, Pune
  • Pillar Publication Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  • ChitrakshaNirmitee, Pune
  • Daily Janpravas, Pune
  • AvinashHolkar, Classical Music, Pune
  • ModiLipi
  • Maharashtra Business Training Board(MBTB)
  • ICT Academy
  • AWS Academy
  • AWS Educate
  • Palo Alto Networks Cyber Security Academy
  • Oracle Academy
  • Baha’i Academy, Panchgani



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Alumni Association for Year 2017 to 2022

Shri. Jawahar Motilal ShahPresidentjawaharbrothers@yahoo.com
Shri. Avinash Daulatrao RansingVice-Presidentransingweekly@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Vasantrao MurumkarSecretorydrcvmurumkar@gmail.com
Prof. Shri. Niranjan Ramesh ShahTreasurer
Shri. Dilip Ramchandra SindeMember
Prof. Shri Maruti Kerba KokareMember
Shri. Abhinandan Bharatlal ShahMember
Prof. Shri Shivaji Jagannath SatheMember
Shri. Vidyadhar Digambar MahamuniMember